Would you like to get a job fast?

Finding a job is not easy. You will most probably have plenty of rejection and a lot of pressure in preparing for your job application.

I’m not being sarcastic but it is better to be realistic than to give you false idea.

The reality; FINDING a job is an endless process.

Why so?

Have you ever met a person who always complain about his/her current job?

Now, look through the words coming out of their mouth, most probably they will be saying: I hate this job, I will transfer to a new company, I’m going to resign, I will find a better job than this, etc.

They will also be adding to the dilemma of finding a job, and these factor is not a good idea. The population of job seekers will increase and the population of job keepers decreases.

As you can see, it is not only YOU who is new in the field, YOU will be competing with skilled employees that are vying for the job.

This cycle is an endless process of finding a job, and that makes it more difficult to compete.

Prepare yourself on the reality of COMPETITION

You must remember that you must not loose hope. Keep in mind that what is happening in your life right now is just temporary.

Everyday people experience rejection and those who do not give up are the ones who succeed.

Don’t bring your daily worries in finding job at home.

If you talk and babble about your frustrations, and your job hunting day; you will end up stressed and miserable the whole night.

Try to keep your self away from that part of your day time activities, and enjoy the moment of good rest. Any case, you have given your best and its time to enjoy your time to relax.

Enjoy a good conversation with your family.

Most likely, they will ask you, “How is your day in your interview?”, just tell them it went good and try to tell them that if possible you’ll talk about it for tomorrow.

Watch a movie, read your favorite book, make yourself busy.

This helps in diverting your mind out of the stress that you experience today and freshen your perspective for another schedule tomorrow

Do not attempt to call your friend and ask about his results. It can only frustrate you if you hear that they went good and they have a big chance than you.

“Everything happens in God’s perfect timing”

You are not alone. Remember that a lot of people like you experience that.

I experience that rejection when I was still new in the industry, you just need to have a positive outlook of your future.

Do not think of negative things. It often happens that people are thinking of the negative results rather than the positive ones.

Wait for the news and do not jump into conclusions that you lost the game.

Why is it hard to find a job?

You must understand that life is not easy. Specially if you are the breadwinner of the family.

That’s what makes you more frustrated and less happy in every decision you make, including the events happening in your life.

If you are a new graduate; the tendency is you will be competing with a lot of new graduate in applying for a job.

Even your best buddies at school are considered an opponent because they will be applying for the same job as you.

Aside from that, the people that are already expert in the same industry are also finding new jobs that they can transfer to. That is why the population of applicants become more competitive.

You must accept the fact that there are factors affecting your industry which result in finding job difficult.


It is an old system and still is present in every aspect of our life. It can be a good thing or it can be bad.

It can be good if you are hiring a qualified person. Remember that referrals are based on trust and good relation.

Combine it with the skills of the person you endorsed, then you have a good employee.

It is bad if you are manipulating the decision of a person to hire an un-qualified applicant.
The Bargaining Concept

People get hired because the person who endorsed them agreed on the terms that they will accept the job and salary, provided they will hire the person they will endorse.

It has been a long practise in the Maritime Industry and until now it exist.

Reality Check

Imagine yourself as a normal employee that suddenly the company decided to fire in order to reduce the number of employee.

Why so?

Because the jobs are now being outsourced. Company’s are getting smarter and freelancers are emerging in this new era of outsourcing employees.

It has many advantage for the company. It has a good effect in providing a large number of job. This is the reason why competition in finding a job is stiff.

Economy has a big factor too. It dictates wether there is an increase in the salary of an employee or a new company that generates new job will emerge.

For new graduates, it will be difficult to compete if there are less job available.

Remember that in choosing your course in college, you must make sure that it is still competitive even if there are major changes in the economy.

Otherwise, you will end up doing a job that you never learned in school.

What you should have

As I have emphasized in my previous post, communication plays a vital role in your career. Wether you are in an interview or at work, proper communication really makes a difference.

Don’t be nervous when your talking to the interviewer or to your boss, remember that they are also human. They just tend to make an image that they are the strict guy in the office.

Communicate properly with them and listen to every words they say.

Company’s are now adapting to the new trend in hiring people.

Skills, the most common aspect they are looking for. It is simply looking deeper to your personality and harvesting your talent that can be used for multi tasking jobs in the company.

The more skilled you are, the more pleasing your CV to the companies.

They stopped hiring people based on the school they graduate. Lets face it, Not all that graduate in a prestigious schools are intelligent and skilled people. Sometimes you can find the skilled and excellent graduates in the school that you least expected.

These existing systems that are mentioned above are but a few. There are a lot of agenda going on and it will just confused you if you bother to much about it.

It is existing and it is inevitable. Remember that quitters always loose. So don’t loose hope. Prepare yourself and be competitive.

First thing you should do is accept that this factors exist.

Prepare yourself for the battle. Learn skills that you know is related to your dreamed profession.

It can be achieved by attending seminars, masterminding with the same group of people with the same profession and interest as you have, update yourself with the changes and latest news in your niche.

Identify your strength and weakness.

Improve your weakness and make your strength standout.

Remember that it is not about PERFECTION, it is about MAKING PROGRESS.

Look into online forums.

Ask questions so that you can have a direct answer from them. Try to expand your horizon as well

Join clubs.

This can broaden your network and will lead you to have more chance of finding new job opportunities in your niche.

You must do this!

Remember to take it one step at a time.

Do not be bothered about the people around you. You are competing, but remember that each one of you has its own unique capabilities that a company would look for.

Try to avoid applying together with a friend or applying for a job in group.

This leads to a lot of frustration in the end. Let me elaborate this to you.

“Dante who is a very resourceful guy found out that a big company are hiring IT guys urgently. So he phoned his friends and went to the company for interview.

Dante was the top student in his class so he is confident that even if he brings his friend along, he has a bigger chance to be hired because of his credentials.

Eventually his two friends got hired and he was not, and got home frustrated.”

Remember that you are competing for the job. How can you help others if you do not help yourself first.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be selfish, you can inform your friends about the job but do not apply together with them on the same day.

This is to avoid the frustrations of the outcome that you will find out in the end.

Do not limit yourself on the big companies, as they say in shooting “Aim small, Miss small”, look for small companies, build your skills for as long as you can then try your luck at the big companies.

Chances are; YOU will get hired because of your good evaluation and the skills that you have gained from your previous work.


I hope that this post gives you a better perspective of what to expect in your career.

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