Why you should look for a job right away?

Looking for a job is probably the most essential stage of our career, just after finishing school.

We can all be students all our lives, but at some point you need to have a job.

It is necessary to know what you want and need in order to succeed. But most of all you must have the tool to generate money in order to fulfill your dreams.

The fundamental requirements is having a job. Whether it is the job of your dream or not, it is still necessary to have a job to have a better future.

Some of you would say that, most entrepreneur have their own business and didn’t bother to look for a job. The answer is Yes and No.

Although some of them are born rich, but most of them have done a normal 8 hours’ work or even worse. But in any case they all experience how it feels to have or loose a job.

But the question really is about your current situation. Ask yourself. Can you survive without a job? Can your family survive if you don’t have a job?

By now, you may be curious why you should read further and look deeper into this.

You must be realistic. Remember that it is not always a free ride in this world we live in.

We need job, and that’s important to sustain our needs.

Why is it after college, students end up unemployed and depressed from finding jobs?

College brings us a lot of fun memories, but you should realize that you are already preparing for your future. It is not about being boring, but think of it as more on being rational and realistic.

Plenty of students don’t even have the chance of stepping at the front door of the company for their first interview.

If the opportunity of being interviewed came, it is either they come unprepared for the interview, resulting to a total mess.

“Too much expectation leads to too much frustration…”

Generally, applicants expect that because of the prestige of their school/university, or the person who vouch for them, they would easily get hired.

They didn’t even bother to dress properly or communicate the right words to say to impress the person interviewing them.

You must know that companies are getting smarter. It’s all about Skills-Skills-Skills, and none of what you are going to offer would fit their requirements if you don’t have the skills that they need

It is a tough competition out there, and thousands of applicants with certain skills can easily overrun you.

You should have realized it by now, that you are not alone in this job hunting pursuit. People are struggling daily just to have a job.

What your school didn’t tell you… Years spend in college leads to a lot of insignificant jobs within your niche.

We are taught to be good employees at school.

Even our parents always tell us to get a degree in college, find a good job, and retire early.

But have you imagined yourself after graduation, where you will find a job?

Every year, thousands of new graduates are competing to find a job. Less than 50% of those new graduates will have a job.

Most of them who has job are either underpaid, overworked, overqualified, and multi-tasking.

Inside your classroom, most of the students you see there, or you may know are your friends. But in the real world, you are all competitors of your own niche.

Try to ask yourself…

Is the course I’m taking right now, can provide me a good job after graduation. If the answer is no, you better think again. You may end up working a job that you either hate or obliged to love just to survive.

Do you know how many years you need to prepare for your future?

You need to understand that you only have 40 years to prepare for your future.

Your responsibility starts at 20 years old and it grows bigger as you grow older.

The most common attitudes of yuppies is to enjoy your life now, but have you ever thought of how your life will end up if you are not planning your future?

“Those who fail to plan are planning to fail, by planning your future, you are preparing to succeed.”

Are you aware of your financial status and educational debt after you graduate?

Have you considered checking your financial status now?

Try to open a spread sheet program (Excel) and list down your expenses per month. Separate the wants and needs and see how much you are spending on your Wants and Needs.

Look at your bank account and see if you have an emergency fund.

Remember that you must have at least 6 months of your salary as an emergency fund.

Have you considered getting married?

You should already have a child at age 35. You need to prepare for your child’s education and it will take you 20 years to pay for all of this.

After graduation, you are already in a rat race of investing for your future. Your parents are expecting you to be responsible in taking care of your finances and your future.

Once you entered the world of “Responsibility” there is no turning back. It actually adds up.

The higher your salary, the bigger your responsibility.

The higher your lifestyle is, the bigger salary you need.

It is a chain reaction that can really ruin your health and give you emotional stress.

Do you want to retire early and enjoy life, or rather retire late and die soon?

Who wants to work until 65?

Nobody does, but the truth is most of us are thinking of how we can stay young enough to work more.

Let us consider that sometimes we are burdened to carry the responsibility of extended family, but would it be better if you taught them the real meaning of responsibility so they can take care of their own.

You only have one body, and you must take care of it. You are not a machine that has spare parts available anytime in case it broke down.

Create your timeline, and set your goal.

What age do you want to retire? Try to list down what you need to do to reach that retirement age you desire.

Discipline is the key ingredient in achieving your goal. Without discipline, your plan for your future will fail.

How much is too many?

Look around you, you can see people having part time job. It is because of the truth that no single job can satisfy your needs.

What are your needs? We often mixed it up with our wants just to justify our spending habits.

Unemployment is true and it is inevitable. TradeEconomics.com provided a chart to show you that all countries are experiencing it. The figures may vary from certain top economy country, but still no country is excluded in the list.

Individually, we are all affected by it. You cannot just let your guard down and feel that you are secured with your current job right now.

There is only one thing certain in this world that is CHANGES. Everything change and you may never know if it’s for the better or for worse.

What you should do?

Do not worry, you still have time to think of your current situation. We can all make choices, and apparently no one is guiding you how you should organize your choices.

Now is not the time to relax, find a job and secure your future.

You deserve to have a good life and a good future. Enjoying life has many meaning. It doesn’t necessarily mean that when you are working at the office you are not enjoying your life.

It is actually how you are using your salary to make your life better and happier is what matters most.

I challenge you to do the best you can to plan your career. In the end, you are the one who will benefit from it.

Since you now know that you should take your career to the next level (that is securing your future), you may have plenty of ideas and questions in your mind that needs to be answered.

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