Why you need an Electrical Water Pump

An electrical water pump is a powerful performance unit that performs the following functions:

  • powers drive wheels
  • improves cooling capacity
  • promotes fuel economy

An electrical water pump has a higher flow rate at low or idle engine velocity in the lack of or absence of ram air as well as when the engine power is off. Unlike mechanical water pump that directly runs off the engine which can sap its power.

An electrical water pump works especially better with a race vehicle than a mechanical pump. This is because it provides added torque and power to the drive wheels. In a mechanical pump, the power drawn from the engine increases three times its speed. An electrical water pump can be embedded into an electrical system or may be used with a digital pump controller to boost the coolant flow control and temperature of your engine. Also, the coolant should run throughout the engine, remove the heat and scatter it in the radiator.

While most cars are equipped with a mechanical water pump, there can be drawbacks to this unit.

  • A mechanical water pump consumes much power from the engine. Because it pumps parallel to the engine RPM, a mechanical water pump can slow down if the engine slows down. The temperature of the engine can also increase to high levels, which can be dangerous.
  • A mechanical water pump can cause the engine to take a longer while to warm up. This is because when the engine is cool, the coolant is pumped at a rate proportional to a warm engine.

Mechanical water pumps may be tolerable on cars that are rarely driven in extreme conditions. However, you may experience problems with your car especially if you like driving hard. This is where an electrical water pump comes into play. It has a separate pump controller that enables more coolant flow control around your engine. There are many good reasons you should upgrade from a mechanical water pump to an electric unit.

  • An electrical water pump works only when the engine is set to a desired temperature, thus allowing it to warm up faster.
  • Engine temperature can be preset.
  • Average temperature and preset temperature are much closer to each other.
  • Pump can still run once the engine is stopped, cooling hot spot residue.
  • Speed of water is faster, when required.

More importantly, remember to keep your engine well-maintained to avoid problems with your electrical water pump.

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