What You Should Not Do During An Interview

Spending tiring days looking for applying for a job, then finding out that you mess up your chance because of an unprepared interview.

But how would you know what to do? You should be in the right tune with the interviewer. Don’t say words that would ruin your chance of getting hired. And, avoid the common mistakes that is repeatedly committed by applicants.

Let us discuss it further shall we…

Be Respectful In Every Aspect

Be on time
. If you can respect the time of the hiring manager, then you should come on time. Remember that it is very crucial to make a good impression, and coming on time is one of them.

Don’t just rely on your resume, bring all your necessary documents
. Bring it together with you. In case they ask for it on the spot, you can bring it out in a jiffy. You also save time for the employer in waiting for your documents.

Whenever they ask question, don’t answer hastily
. Take your time, but not to long. Think before you answer.   Answering questions hastily gives an impression that you’re not giving in some thought on the questions that they ask you.

Avoid Saying This Words

Do not provide to much personal information. Sometimes hiring manager ask personal questions to break the ice and relieve you of the nervousness you’re feeling. But that doesn’t mean that you have to tell the story of your life.

If the hiring manager ask you, “Do you have any question”, don’t leave it empty. Create a question on the spot. Ask about the company history, or the services they offer. This shows your interest in the company. If you manage to make a conversation, your research about the company will come in handy. That is if you research the companies history before you even planned to apply there.

Never discuss about the salary. Specially if you are a first timer. Don’t get me wrong about it, if you are an experienced seafarer or an officer, then maybe you can get away with asking how much is the salary. But if you are a fresh fish in the industry with no experience, or you are making a career shift, better ask about the salary once you get hired prior to accepting the contract.

Don’t Commit The Same Mistakes

In numerous occasion you will find applicants committing the same mistakes that they know or heard from others, wherein they should never do it.

They keep doing the following:

Wearing inappropriate clothes
. Whether you are a man or a woman, you must wear the right clothes at the right occasion and place. Do not over-dress or under-dress. Stick to neutral clothes. Not to casual and not to formal. If you have 2 interviews scheduled on the same day, you are always in the proper outfit  whatever time of day and place.

Keep your phone in silent mode
. Better yet switch it off. Distraction is something that you don’t want to happen during your interview. And besides, you will give a bad impression if your phone constantly vibrating or beeping during your interview.

Again, keep in mind not to talk to much
. Keep your answer within the boundaries of the question. Don’t go off topic. Sometimes if you lengthen your answer, you will tend to move out of topic. So try not to over-talk. Remember the saying: Less talk , less mistake, more talk, more mistake.

Back To You

If you understand this information I’ve shared, you will have a chance of getting a good conversation with your interviewer. Remember to respect the time of the interviewer, it is important that you become the solution to his problem and not add up to it.

Mind your words and keep it within the boundaries of the questions. Don’t tell to much of your self ’cause it will just bore them. And try to avoid the common mistake that applicants always make.

If you have an experience during an interview that you’d like to share here, write it in the comment below. It will help other to learn from you. Or just share your opinion about the comment. Let us start a conversation.

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