What You Need To Know About Your Network

A strong network can build your credibility, establish your career, and promote your service.

When we talk about networks, the first thing that runs in our minds are those multi level marketing business. But network has different meaning in the concept that you’re reading here.

When you have a friend, and your friend knows a person that is also his friend, which happens to be the friend of your cousin that you later on found out is the nephew of the manager of the company you are working with; this can be described as an elaborate network or connection, isn’t it?

If you simplify it, any person you know that knows another person that connects back to you can be considered your network. Any person you don’t know, that can be connected back to you through your existing network are your potential connections.

It is the same principle that Linkedin.com and Facebook is using in social media. For instance, in order for you to be connected to someone’s network in LinkedIn, someone must endorse you. Wherein, the same situation applies to real world.

There are plenty possibilities in your network. Your chances of getting introduced to your next career are increased, if you have a wide network of valuable people that surrounds you.

If you are using your network for parties and dating, you better start asking yourself, if they can help you in-case you need help with your job?

When Do You Start Building?

You have to start building your network as soon as possible.

Everyone has someone to connect with, so why not you?

1. Look at your connection in Facebook or LinkedIn page and observe how they are doing it. Follow their style. Check how they invite you. Always learn from others.

2. Build your network slowly. Build it with credibility in mind. It’s time to get serious and choose people in your network that makes sense, and adds value to your life.

That doesn’t mean you have to delete or block them out. You just want to minimize the distractions in your life. This time it is about you and your future, so plan it well.

3. Start with your friends network. Ask for an introduction. Contact them through LinkedIn, Facebook, or Email. Be polite and formal. Treat every conversation as if it’s your first and last chance to make a good impression.

4. Sometimes being yourself does not help. Be somebody that they want you to be. To your friends maybe you are not so serious, but to your professional network you are serious enough to be heard.

5. If professional people don’t give attention to what you are talking about, there is something wrong. It’s either you said it the wrong way, or what you said is just not interesting.

6. Check your phone book. Ask for an introduction from a friend to someone that can be a part of your network. You’ll find that there are lots of opportunities for you waiting to uncover.

What’s Next?

You can build your professional network as quickly as you think. You just have to be patient not to push them to hard. If they don’t answer back quickly, give them time.

Maybe they’re just busy or they haven’t checked your message yet. Don’t be a stalker. It might give a wrong impression. Remember: Patience is a Virtue.


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