What Tea Can Do To You

TEA is a common habit that we drink after a good meal . Tea has lots of benefits for us. Tea time brings more than just a relaxing break. Regular tea drinking will promote an overall healthy lifestyle. Here are just some of the good benefits of what tea can do:

  • Tea enhances: With its antioxidants it boosts your circulatory system, letting your blood flow to all your organs, helping them function properly. There may be times that you feel sluggish and having a physical discomfort. Try having a cup of tea, it helps a lot.
  • Tea saves you from stroke: Tea may reduce your risk of having a stroke, because tea helps in keeping your arteries smooth and clog-free.
  • Tea reduces cholesterol: Tea contains anti oxidants called polyphenols that helps lower cholesterol. We all know that cholesterol is bad for our health right. So why take the risk, try drinking tea, together with good exercise for a better health.
  • Tea detoxifies: Bacteria produces toxins that harms our health. Tea effectively flushes unwanted waste from the body, including toxins. It sure is a lighter feeling after a rewarding “poo-poo” in the morning. Thanks to “tea“.
  • Tea lifts: Get rid of stress; try having a cup of tea. It sure is a good reward after a day’s work. Did you know that tea has “theanine”, a free amino acid found in tea plants promotes a stress-free state. Drinking tea revives you, giving your body and mind a gentle lift. I’ve tried it most of the times. It does work.
  • Tea rejuvenates: Tea is aromatic and soothing; it completes the “me-time” experience. Tea quiets you and gives you that sense of well-being.
  • Tea fights diabetes: Recent studies shows that tea can be effective tool against diabetes, teatea mixed with herbs that reduces risk of diabetes. Tea is also good to have a healthy sugar-free life.helps in boosting insulin activity in the body. It’s a big market out there for different
  • Tea is fat-free: This is a common fact. Without the milk and sugar, tea itself is 0 fat, 0 sugar, and 0 starch. So if you’re watching your calorie intake. Try having a cup of tea daily.
  • Tea stimulates: Theanine in tea increases your mental performance. Tea’s astringencies wakes up the nerves in your mouth, sending signal’s to your brain to alert your mind. So you will be ready everyday with a boost in your alertness, memory and learning ability.
  • Tea lulls: Tea has a powerful effect on the olfactory nerve that transmits smell to the brain, which induces relaxation. A cup of tea before bedtime gives you a soothing slumber.

You can try any tea as long as it fits your needs and taste. But for me, a cup of tea with lemon is enough to complete my day.

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