What Strategy to Use in Getting a Job Fast and use it well?

Job hunting is a very exhaustive activity. Especially if you are not organized and doesn’t have an idea where to begin.

Let us look into the information you will receive in this article in order to have a better understanding where to start looking for a job.

You will find it a very interesting and challenging way of looking for a job

What others are doing that you are not aware of

You must remember that we have an online and offline way for looking and applying for a job.

In making your plan, you must make a list on the basic information that you need, keeping in mind the following:

  • What is the cheapest way and the expensive way
  • Where can I find company’s to apply online, and where can I find company’s offline
  • Are there any job fair scheduled this month, where most company’s gather to find employees.
  • What tools for the trade I need to have.
  • What tools of the trade that I already have.

Apart from the list above, you can write your own ideas and start filling out the details, so that you can have a better overview where you will begin.

Let us start on the online system of job application.

Most often it is the cheapest or inexpensive way of applying for the job.

You need a computer and an internet connection. If you don’t have one, you can easily rent at a low price in an internet café near you.

Theoretically; online job application is:

  • More organized way of receiving CV’s
  • Short-listing of candidates is easier.
  • Can be accessed remotely
  • Minimum fee required
  • Wider exposure of job postings/advertising

Applicants should remember that when applying online, your CV should be:

  • Well organized
  • Brevity is important
  • Highlight important skills that you have
  • Contact details should be complete and clear
  • Unnecessary information for the specific job should be omitted from your CV

Job Boards

Whenever you are applying online, make sure you fill out the fields that require your information. Most importantly the portion where you have to put your contact details (Email, Mobile number, etc.)

There are certain rules when you are using job boards, read first there rules and if there are any unclear information, send an email to them by using the “Contact Us” button.

Company Websites

Company websites are usually user friendly. You can just click their “Apply Now” button, “Career” button, or “Contact Us” button.

Send your complete details and make sure that at the end of your message you will include your full name and contact details. This will identify that you are a real person and not a spam.

Also check if there is a field that you can attach your CV so that they can see your complete details.


There are cases that you will receive certain email from somebody who is interested to hire you. Reply to their message and ask them how they get your email and provide more information on the job opening that they are offering.

Remember to also ask the full address and contact details of their office.

If in case you manage to have the email of a certain company and you want to apply; make sure that you include in the first paragraph of your message: how you got their email address and from whom you got it.

Do not market yourself directly in your email if the person your sending a message doesn’t know you. You must be courteous in sending email.

Introduce yourself first, and in the second paragraph you can provide a note that you include the attachment of your CV so that they can have a better information on the skills that you can offer in the company.

If you’re not in-tuned you’ll be left behind

In finding jobs, you must be creative. Don’t limit your self on the traditional or old school way. The industry is evolving and they are utilizing all the alternatives that they can hire people efficiently.

The most common reason why you don’t know where to begin is because you are not in tuned.

Let me give you an example. If you are a seafarer and you want information where would you go? The first thing that will cross your mind is to call a friend, right?

Have you ever wondered where he got the information that he told you?

Information can either be researched or passed on by another person. If the source of information is wrong, the last person who will received the information can either be wrong or half truth.

Another main thing that you must consider is your network.

You must keep yourself present on events that is happening in your industry.

If you’re a seafarer like me, try to utilize the internet or newspaper and keep yourself updated on the latest developments in the maritime industry.

I know that every profession has a institution or group that provides news in their industry. You must keep yourself in tune, otherwise you will get left behind or will settle on the “hearsay” information.

Keeping yourself up to date has plenty benefits:

  • It gives you a heads-up on the changes that are about to happen in your industry
  • It gives you an option on what to do with your career
  • It provides information that you can use for the advantage of your career

It moves you to a more qualified position to give advice because you know the information first hand.

You must act now, and not later

You must broaden your horizon. Remember that your network can be helpful in finding a job, if you use it correctly.

Referral is one good result of networking. You get referred by a person who has a friend that needs immediate hiring of an employee.

You got to have first hand information of companies that is currently hiring personnel through your professional network.

You get information on the current requirements needed to improve your career in order to have a promotion.

You got the chance to collaborate with like minded people and share the pros and cons that they have experienced that you can later on apply to yourself to improve your career.

Remember that you need to take that first step to try every way possible in order to find a job. It may take a while but it will only be clear if you start that first step now.

Work your way by the recommendations I explained and try expand your list in order to have a reference in the future if you want to transfer to another company.

It’s all in the list

Start making your list, use the recommendations I lay out for you. Cross out from the list those companies that is not for you and keep only the ones that you think suits your needs or replied to you.

Prepare your CV correctly and learn to write an email properly.

Use “Google” to search for any information necessary for your career, and that will give you an advantage in applying a job.

Again, list the important information so that you can have reference in case you need it.

Share your ideas or any information that you gather in the comment box below, so that other people can benefit from you.


I hope that what I’ve shared to you helps you organize a strategy in finding a job.

If what you read make sense, subscribe to my email list so that you can benefit from the information I share to my email subscribers.

I wish you all success in your career and keep that faith that you will succeed.



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