What Should I Take Up in College?

This is the most unanswered question of most high school graduates. It’s a good thing I never encountered it, because I’m so determined to be a seaman, and I did my best to achieve my goal with the help of God. But have you ever ask yourself about this question? I’ll give you some of my personal experience of the common right and wrong of students who are confused what career he would take-up in college. At the end of this story I hope you will learn something good and it will make your decision making easier.


We will go back to the time when I’m still a little bit younger, that is during my high school days. It’s just three (3) months before graduation and most of the students in the university where I’m studying are cramming where to study for college; or what course or degree they want to take in college.


If you ask them about their reasons, they would simply say these common answers: “I’ll go and study to this university because my parents tell me so, I’ll study in this university because most of my friends are studying there, I’ll take up this course because my girlfriend is taking up this course too, I’ll take up this course because I want to work abroad; and so on and so forth”.


But have you ever asked yourself, if you really want that course or degree, and study in that university. You should be thinking about yourself first if you really like what you’re doing. Remember that after college you will start working, and it’s a shame if you are not happy with your work. I’ll give you some tips for you to start organizing your goals:


  • You should know what kind of work you like to do after college.
  • Determine the course / degree related to the particular job that you like.
  • Get the information from your government’s education department regarding the most hired courses in your country.
  • Think ahead; plan your goal. You must envision yourself that after 10 years you are already successful.


Ask for a divine intervention; pray to God to help you in deciding on what course you should take up in college. You are investing on your future. You should be very cautious in making decisions.


These simple tips will most likely narrow down your choices in deciding what course to take up in college. Read also my article regarding “Gauging Success” to have a more in-depth idea about your personal success. Remember that in this very crucial decision that you are facing now, you should be prepared and don’t let anyone affect you in making those decisions. It is not about what they would say about you, it is about what you will feel in the long run. You are the one who is making your destiny. You should be very involved in it.


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