We Are the One Who Discriminate Ourselves

Whenever we are on board the most common problem that you’ll be facing is discrimination.

It has been a long time problem and never has a definite solution.

Do you know why?

80% of the time, the same people that discriminates you is your fellow countrymen.

Let’s look at an example at the airport.

Do you see a different lane segregating a group of people to another?

Or maybe in your own local flights; like in our case, a lane for the OFW and for Tourist, those in the lane of tourist are tall and proud while looking at some of the people in the OFW lane in a discriminatory manner.

How about at work?

Have you ever experience being discriminated ‘coz the school you graduated from is not the same with the person you are working with.

You can see that he is giving more privilege to his fellow Alma Matter because of the idea of brotherhood and popularity, it is plain and simple discrimination.

You reap what you sow

I want you to think outside of the box and imagine a world full of people thinking like this.

It would be a cruel and tough world isn’t it?

In any group, there is always a guy who will stand out among the others. If that person is of good character, then its fine. But if that person is abusive, then you’re in a lot of trouble.

It is better that we look at the character of the person and his ability to work. Rather than jump into the conclusion that he doesn’t belong in the group.

It is us who got affected, and for most people starting out in their career, it would be a shame not to point them in the right direction.

It is the same old notion that keeps on going and the problem is the new generation of seafarers are also adopting this wrong idea.

What I’m trying to say here is let us stop discrimination! Let us work as a team onboard the ship rather than discriminate other people. Don’t be a small minded person.

Try to be more productive by accepting who you are and not fitting yourself on another persons shoe and discriminating your own people.

We all have choices, a friend of mine says: If we choose to discriminate, your planting dilemma, and the time you harvest what you have planted, it is already to late to cure it.

Act Now!

Determine what discriminative action you have done today. Then take another step further by thinking of other discriminative act you did before, and avoid doing that again.

Learn to listen before you answer, being authoritative won’t give you much good result onboard. Remember the mission, “Do the job and finish your contract”.

A true leader can bring the best out of a persons personality, and not provoke or invite trouble and anger.

I hope you learn something today. Have your share on this article and comment below so we can discuss it..

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