Voice from across the deep blue sea

Far across the deep blue sea
Your smile lighted my way
Your watchful eyes guided me
To where I supposed to sail

I wished to write a diary
In every corner of the seven seas
To let the oceans and seas testify
How much you meant to me

You are my only love, my only life
You’re an inspiration in every bit of my heart
Even if the fury of wind will cross our line
But this love would always remain alive

Reflecting the first time I saw you
Those puzzled eyes and beautiful smile
You’re like a princess and I’m a stranger
In your simple and colorful paradise

I hold your hands so cold like an Alaskan breeze
Like a gusty wind across the deep blue seas
The serenity of the seas conquered my trembling body
But words were unspoken how much you mean to me

Remembering the day when we kissed
Your warm lips engulfed my whole body
Like the horizon and calm sea
Dreaming our love will never fade away

The dolphins jump in the rhythmic way
The sea gulls sing the undying melody
Cumulus clouds rolls and dance in the air
Testifying your inspiring words in my ear

In your side every moment is worthy for man
Like a ship secured in the helm man hands
Like a spring leaves in the century tree
Feeling the world is only for you and me

Yet, you had been so restless
You bade goodbye making my world so lifeless
Night was so dark and the buoys lost its lights
Feeling the agony and pain in my heart

You set your sails toward another sea
Leaving me in a harbor with beautiful memories
Those unwritten and undying promises
Spilled out in white horses of the cruel waves

The harbor was so dark when you cast off the lines
But my shadow was there with tears in the eyes
I’m holding the rosary facing the red sky
Praying to hold you back in my waiting arms

The wide seas have kept as apart
And gusty wind whistled the dark clouds
Covering my voice a thousand miles
Never to hear my whispering heart

You may anchor into another arm
Venture to another love with out looking back
Kissing another lips warm than mine
But my love is still yours …my only love

I will always share your pain and success
Today and forever to the fullest
Heaven I swear could attest
This love will be in every corner of the seven seas

The memories you have left may be untold
Pages of this books would be unfold
Today and tomorrow the sweet music remain afloat
Still my heart is yours like a ship on a steady course

Today, I’m stranger in your paradise
To the land you wished to arrive
Tears are useless in my eyes
Wishing to secure your love again in my side

Loving you is more than the eyes could see
More than words to define
Deeper than unfathomable oceans
Never to be erased in my heart and mind

The diary of our love will remain forever
Even if the words are completely unfilled
Written in total pain and despair
But the happiness we shared is always there

You will always remain in the heart
You will always be part of my life
Even if the ocean and seas would keep us apart
Still, you will always be my love… my only love

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