Tools and Defenses for Maritime protection

Working offshore is not always safe. The risks do not always involve accidents and mishaps that are caused by internal variables. There are other risks that involve outsiders. You must always develop, practice, implement, and create techniques and tactics that would prepare you against possible terrorist activity.

Threats facing maritime facilities

One of which is when a group of divers swim quietly towards a harbor bringing explosive devises to blast cargo vessels for loot, navy ships, loading docks, and even fuel tanks. Undercover attacks such as these are used by combat divers and the navy seals. Some of the possible targets of these groups are the military vessels (which include the navy ships), drilling platforms, and even the shipping ports.

Tools and defenses used for maritime security

Today, personal security films and military coastguards conduct today’s maritime security. A wide collection of techniques are utilized as well as new technologies to guarantee a smooth and safe environment.

1. Sonar and imaging devices

These devices are attached to ships that monitor everything that is going on under water. In addition, these are used to examine incoming ship exteriors for explosions or mines.

2. Security cameras

Whether wired or wireless, regarded as key components among security systems are security cameras,.  Underwater cameras are the cameras that have a clear view underwater. They have the capability to have a clear image due to the special lasers that can amplify image quality underwater. There is also the matter of hidden cameras that come with a certain lens type and can be modified with different lens types. These hidden cameras can even operate in really low lighted states and are placed mostly in places that require close monitoring, like critical facilities.

3. Security nets

Used underwater to provide a boundary, mostly made from stainless steel cabling, these nets will keep threats out from getting in and entering specific locations. These nets are positioned in different ports or locations strategically and are scattered all over the world. These nets are an essential factor in the protection of harbors, and are efficient too. If ever an attacking diver tries to get through or clip the net, the wiring that is inside the cables can find and locate the location of the disturbance through optics. This will trigger a alarm and response teams will be notified for counter measures.

4. Sonic shock waves

These are are emitted a powerful weapon that is also used against terrorist attacks emitting a signal that can stun or even kill divers that are drawing near.

These are just some of the tools and defenses available for maritime security controls. But no matter what your tools are, you have to know how to coordinate everything if you want your defense security to function properly.

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