Things to do if you are seriously injured onboard a cruise line

Imagine yourself embarking on a cruise ship vacation. You are excited for the adventure and stoked for the relaxation that you know you deserve. But what if you witness someone getting severely injured during your vacation on board a cruise ship? Or what if you were the one injured? This could call for a possible maritime law case. But do take in consideration that the law on land does not always apply when you’re on sea. So here are some things that you need to do for a maritime law case to be qualified.

1.    Report the incident.

Upon seeing the accident, you need to immediately report the incident by writing the specifics. It should contain where the incident took place, the date and time it occurred, and a brief narration of what happened. After writing this down, you pass it to the cruise ship’s security department. Also ask for a copy of the one you have written prior to the one you passed them.

2.    Take pictures of the incident.

This is to be done if you do not receive a written report. You do yourself a favor instead of rewriting the whole counts of the incident.

3.    Get a witness

The more witnesses you have, the better. Take down their names, telephone numbers and addresses. Your witness or witnesses will help you prove your statement or case. Just remember, you are not obliged to give anyone a written or recorded statement as you gather your evidence/s.

4.    Get treatment for your injuries

Whenever possible and available, get your injuries treated right away by a licensed physician or doctor. Be aware that if your doctor commits a medical malpractice, then it is his (doctor) and your liability and not the ship’s. You need to get sufficient medical treatment even if it means that you have to leave the vessel when the cruise reaches the next port.

5.    Document your injuries

You need to document the injuries you have as well. You need to take pictures in case the injuries aggravate.

6.    Hire a maritime lawyer

In this case, it is important that your lawyer has a wealth of experience to handle your care. Discuss the incident and find out what rights you are entitled to. Never delay seeing a maritime lawyer especially if you are injured seriously aboard the cruise ship.

Never misrepresent or exaggerate your injuries. Chances are, if the jury finds you truthful, then you win the case, get compensation for your trouble, and help the cruise line improve their standards for safety.

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