The truth behind the Lost Gold Treasures of the Philippines

Every person wants to know his own history. Where he came from, the family that he belongs to, and the people that surrounds him. The same thing with a country’s history, everybody in almost all nations wants to know where they came from and what influenced their culture. In the case of the Filipinos, our history was hidden from us. From the time that the Spanish “Conquistadors” ruled the country for a hundred years, the history became a myth. A talk of the town, with no evidence to prove its existence.


The importance of knowing our history

Knowing our history gives us dignity, a reason to belong to, and creates nationalism on every person. History places a major role on the success of every nation. You can predict your success or your failure from the history of others. Knowing our own history makes us proud of whom we are.


What we should know

From the recent episode of the “Probe Team“, they featured a shocking evidence of our National Gold Treasures. Nobody really knows that it exists. Numerous stories from old people tell about it but no gold treasure to prove it. Another very popular story about national gold treasures is the Yamashita Gold Treasure, which also started from myth. As I stumble upon the article of Talkloud, I found out very important news regarding our long lost National Gold Treasures.

“So the story began there. On that time many of the old town folks are now longing to have one. They continue to dig in the area just to find some gold and get the same fate as with the first gold discoverer. Ok, now all the lucky ones got gold. It is a treasure but still it is part of our history. These gold relics are crafted hundreds of years ago or even thousands. We have the responsibilities to protect it and not to use it on our own sake but for the sake of our future generations”; as said by talkloud.


The effects of these discoveries

These discoveries can be the foundation of future developments. It only shows that our country was rich in culture even before the Spaniards came and conquered us. From different acts of war those cultures slowly disappears and from generations to generations the culture of other countries became influential. The history of who we are became a part of our text books and was not given importance. This National Gold Treasures is the proof of that history and we must take care of it.


Who has it?

The Ayala Museum has taken care of the National Gold Treasures, along with the Central Bank of the Philippines. These two institutions became part of history from the very first time they started protecting and preserving the gold treasures. The full video of it is posted at TalkLOud. You can check it out and learn more about it.


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