The secret to success is in the books you are reading

Books have been around for centuries. Technology change but books never change its purpose to inform us.

People can be classified into several type of reader, but one thing is certain you need to read books.

Looking back at your own story, you can still remember when you are learning to read by using books. As you grow older you tend to skip the part of reading, but your learning process never stop.

Then came the “Internet”; and information is within your reach. Everything can be read for free; but not the most valuable information.

Book authors will give you an information on the topic you are searching on-line, provide you with the details that you need, but limits the in-depth information that you will get out of the article that you will find on-line.

Why? Because you need to understand that information does not come for free sometimes. Let me give you an example.

You are planning to work in the maritime industry, and you wanted to have the diploma in order to qualify. You go to a school and pay for the education you need.

After you finished college you need basic skills and papers to support that you have acquired those skills. In order to have those certificates, you go to a training center and pay for the information you need.

It is the same as books, when it comes to good books that are hard to find, it doesn’t come cheap.

When they started to make the books digital, they change a whole new level of reading experience. Physical books becomes a collector’s item.

Digital company that caters to books like AMAZON Kindle provided its audience a whole new experience. Now you can download and read a sample of the book, and when you are ready to buy, you just click the button and download the book in seconds.

If you have a small library at home, your book collection stays in your house. Now with Amazon Kindle, you can bring all your 1,000+ books with you. You can sync it with all your devices and access all your books are easy, anytime and anywhere.

Maritime books are becoming digital too. Authors are starting to adapt to this new platform and selling their expertise on-line through Amazon Kindle.

Reading books improve your skills

Books are vitamins of your personality. It fine-tunes you and at the same time it educates you. Information that you don’t get from your mentor are clearly explained in the books you are reading.

Books make you smart. It gives you the information on how to do it, when to do it, and triggers more idea that you never thought is possible.

The information that you read from books gives you ideas that you can apply to improve your job. After all, those books are written by authors who have perfected their craft. Authors who’ve been there, has the hands-on experience, and sharing it to all of its readers.

Books reduces stress. It gives you a different tranquility that you never thought possible. After a busy day, a good book to read can give you a refreshing start on things that you would want to do.

Books improves your vocabulary and memory. The more you read, the more you encounter words that are new and interesting. You get to research their meaning and remember when, and how to use them when constructing sentences.

Your memory starts to become better while reading, not only that your reading words but you start to imagine in your head the information you are reading. This forces yourself to embed the information in your head and retain it. You will notice this as you start to read more and more books.

Books helps you prioritize your goals. It develops a better perspective in life and goal. It helps you focus on important matters and organize your goals.

Knowing your wants and needs are difficult to others, but when you start to learn from other peoples experience through their books, you get to appreciate and value of goals that you set for yourself and focus on achieving it.

If you like to read books like me, then we both have a good habit. Kindle solve that problem for me, and provided me a good source of library that I carry with me anywhere and everywhere. My books are sync to my android mobile phone, my tablet, and my laptop.

Kindle has gained popularity for a variety of readers. Information from books that are hard to find from your local bookstores are now sent digitally and globally in seconds. I’ve used it for buying books that are hard to find in the local bookstore.

When I first used it, the reading experience was different. Even the buying process is very easy. You get to test the book first before you buy it.

You also have a lot of choices for ebooks readers that you can use. But I suggest that you keep a minimum number of devices in order not to clutter yourself with too many devices and later on found out that non of them you actually use.

The first choice is your mobile phone.

If you have a screen size of 4.5” and above, it can be used as an e-reader. You need to download a free application from amazon that runs on Android and iPhone. Create an account in Kindle and your good to go.

Tablets are also a good device to read ebooks.

I would suggest a 7” tablet rather than a 10” tablet. A 7” tablet is just the right size for reading and it fits just right in your hand.

Amazon kindle device are a good choice as well.

I would prefer Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle fire HD. The Kindle Paperwhite has an awesome reading screen and since it is an e-ink device, it doesn’t have the glare in its screen and doesn’t tire your eyes while reading.

7 inch tablets are versatile device which is good for reading ebooks, watching movies, surfing the internet, and checking emails. So if you are looking for device that you want to try as an ebook reader, check out Nexus 7 – 2nd Generation and Kindle Fire HD.

Let me show you how I do it

The Kindle App is a very useful app. I use it a lot for reading my books and PDF files.

Let us look at the number of ways to use your FREE Kindle App:

If you are a frequent traveler like me, a good book to read while waiting for your next flight is very handy.  Your ebook reader like the Kindle Paperwhite can last long until you reach your destination.

If you don’t want to carry to much devices, you can choose to buy a Nexus 7 and install the kindle app their. Read books while waiting, and if you want to watch movie after a good read, you can switch to a movie application with a simple touch of your finger.

When you are traveling light and doesn’t want to bring to many device with you, a mobile phone with a 5” screen is always handy to bring and read books while commuting, stocked in traffic, or simply waiting to pass time.

That is how flexible and simple your book readers are. If you already have these devices, just download the free app and you are ready for your next kindle book experience.

You don’t need to be very familiar with all those technical jargon for reading books. You just have to touch the screen of your mobile phone, swipe it to turn to the next page. It will also show you how many hours or minutes more that you need to complete the book you are reading.

Don’t limit yourself in obtaining knowledge and information. Grab as much information as you can. Reading books is a good source of information. Remember to have fun while reading.

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