The Rise in Maritime Accident numbers

It is actually disturbing to know that maritime accident cases all around the world are reported for the past years and still a rising number of accidents are still expected.

What are maritime accidents?

  • Accidents involving people working in a vessel
  • Passengers or vacationers who took part in a water sport and got into a mishap.
  • Vessel to another vessel collisions.
  • A vessel colliding to an immovable object
  • Fires happening at sea, ports or any place involving a watercraft.

Among the maritime accidents listed above, the most common type or marine accident is the collision of two water vessels. More than a thousand marine to marine collisions happen each year in the United States. And in these maritime accidents, over 700 people are reported to get killed every year.

These reports not only confirm a rise in maritime accidents, but also making the maritime society aware of the repair costs involved. A huge percent of the accidents are mainly composed of vessel collisions, contracts, and grounding that involves the commercial vessels internationally. These reports also proved that a ship’s risk for accident has now increased 100 percent.

Factors contributing to maritime accidents

  1. Pressure on ship crews due to demand for innovative ships.
  2. Lack of employees due to fast turnover and new ship technology.

The rapid turnover of crews as well as the shortage has led to the decrease on standards for experience while the complexities of handling new ship technology has made navigation more difficult

Human error and maritime accidents

Human error becomes the main reason behind most accidents involving navigation at sea. Even with the advance technology and the study of the manual, it is not a guarantee that errors would be avoided. Safety skills must always be held in highest regard as well as focusing on the improvement of human resources and the standards set for them. These standards not only cover the ship officers and their crew but also to the management employees and everyone who works aboard a cruise.

Having understood the factors affecting maritime accidents, it probably the responsibility of operators and vessel owners to carefully study the risks involved in to at least minimize the loss of not just properties but lives as well. If not, statistics will continue to rise and more losses could bring a company too many monetary problems.

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