The Maritime Security and Market Pirates

Maritime piracy occurrence has been gradually increasing on larger and higher values of the assets on which the alleged piracy occurred. These incidents have raised the maritime security awareness.

Incidents such as these are taking its toll on the shipping costs, and is even involving the gas and oil sectors. Not only that, reflective questions are also being addressed regarding the energy security in this globalized economy. This has raised minds to concentrate on tackling the problem on maritime piracy. The threats of maritime terrorism are still a possibility since terrorist groups see the likeliness in aiming targets that have the potential to explode. These variables are now the reason why the values on maritime security have increased.

Why maritime piracy happens?

Pirates find cargo ships easy to overcome especially when force is used because these ships are vulnerable to terrorism. This is essentially true; knowing that the maritime security lacks the budget for a full-pledged defense for all of their vessels.
There are a lot of areas that are riskier than the rest, and are required to be always on its highest alert. When a crew is preoccupied with anchoring the vessel, or has just finished doing it, the pirates attack the sea vessel, knowing that this is the most vulnerable moment of the ship.

Deficiency on maritime security

The maritime industry was not spared with the bad recession. Because of this, the industry as a whole have to be content with the restraints on defense budgets as it recovers from the said recession. As the saying goes, “tough times come with tough decisions…”
Another sad fact is not all piracy cases are reported. Why? Seafarers only account an assault if a member or members are hurt, or if a cargo is damaged.

Current maritime security efforts

A branch of the Naval force has dedicated and regarded itself to a number of ship’s protection; those that are passing in some specific places, and can be reached by this Naval Force branch. They are dedicated and determined to avert every acts of piracy shipping, and they even have a website where you can reports any suspicious ship or vessel, as well as provide these alerts that are up-to-date.

To avert any form of attack, many agents that transport the cargoes took a stand and have some of the following security methods:

  • Putting barbed wire all around a ship’s lowest access point
  • Setting up hidden cameras to monitor their vessels defense


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