The Kitchen is a Battlefield

Most seafarers are family oriented, especially all Pinoy Maritime readers. They work onboard thinking of their family, wife, or children. Did you know that cooking is one of the best ways of family bonding? It is a cheap way to spend time with your family and filling up your stomach at the same time. Do you want to hear the rest of the story?


Cooking was never my interest. My wife usually cooks for me. I only like the habit of eating the foods she cooks. But I found out that the kitchen is also a battlefield, wherein my wife is the commander in chief.


It all started when I volunteered to help her in cooking baked macaroni. I was so excited to learn the procedures so that when I go onboard I would tell it to our chief steward to cook it. I was the helper who is lost inside our own kitchen. I never knew where to get or take the utensils my wife asks me to take. But luckily I survived. It was a success.


The moral of the story, never volunteer to cook together with your wife. But you know what, there’s more than just cooking. You’ll get to know each other in a different way and the bonding between you and your wife will be more than just marriage, it’s a lasting friendship.


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