The General Maritime Law and Its specifics

One branch of the law that makes provision to all the sea activities is the Maritime law. This law was developed and evolved as one of the initial trade modes. Below are the matters included in this branch:

  1. Marine commerce or the trading of goods and services.
  2. Navigation of the sea vessels.
  3. Shipping corporation
  4. Seafarers or sailors
  5. Salvage
  6. The goods and passenger’s transportation.
  7. Maritime contracts
  8. Maritime compensation for the injuries inflicted on board a maritime vessel.

Despite this branch of law, the maritime policy and its activities are still controlled by the Global maritime organization and are still under the federal system jurisdiction. The maritime law has progressed in a certain manner that there is no distinct specification indicated.

A glimpse of the maritime law

If an owner of a sea vessel or port abandons his property and does not hold claims to it anymore, then a salvage crew would possess and retrieve the unneeded claims.  However, if by any chance the owner of the sea vessel cannot be found or located by their respective government authority, the government has a certain duty to protect, thus, is not responsible or liable for the salvage rewards of a property found in a sunken ship. More so, a salvaged group or crew cannot assert, request, or claim a reward if its salvaging the ship does not compensate a reward.

What a vessel owner must keep in mind

As a ship owner, you are responsible for the well-being, safety and security of the people including the goods on board your vessel. He is also liable for his crew and employees, as their employer. There is now the Jones act that was passed in 1920 created to protect the employees and the employees injured due to negligence. Yet this law was called unprecedented because it handles areas that are beyond the general maritime law.

There are a lot of ports and sea bases all around America that carry out the maritime business bringing in billions in the industry. One of them is Miami who caters the largest ship or cruise liner port in the whole world. This does a good thing for them as it attracts a large number of vacationers and tourists. In case an accident or an injury happens within Miami’s boundary, all legal actions will be handled in Miami.

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