The 3 Most Important Features Your Resume Must Have

Your resume is the front line in your battle to get hired. It must be created and polished very well in order to be sure that it serves its purpose.

Why would a hiring manager bother to read your resume anyway?

Your resume is an overview of who you are and the purpose of hiring you. It must arouse interest so you’ll get interviewed or include in their shortlist. But very few people use their resumes full potential.

You need to understand that when you create your resume, it must serve its purpose of giving you a chance to get hired. And to do that, there are certain characteristics that your resume should have.

Same like cooking your food, without adding any spices, the taste will be incomplete. The same goes in your resume. Without the basic requirements, it will not get the interest of the reader.

1. What Makes Your Resume Interesting?

Resumes are not enjoyable to read. They either have too much or to less information which often boring to read. But that’s what a resume should be, right? A list of information and history of the person.

What if there’s another way to make the resume interesting?

The first thing that comes in mind when writing a resume is the person reading it. Remember that they are hiring managers who are always busy and always finds an excuse to not read your resume.

The chance of your resume being read is 5-10% depending on how urgent they need the position you are applying. Or, how many applicants they have to screen on that same day.

You must find a way to capture their attention and hold it through your resume, in order to have a chance of being hired.

2. Tell a story.

The idea is to make the person reading it, get interested in meeting you and hiring you?

Why not tell a story. Everybody loves a story.

A typical resume has a picture and includes achievements of the person. But the truth is they go directly to the part that has the details of your certificates and the experiences. They don’t even look at the introduction and other group affiliation that you are with, they’re just not interested.

Making you resume interesting increases the chances that it will get read. Not only that you are letting them look into the more specific details of your resume but makes them more interested about you and include you in their short list.

3. Make it “Scannable”.

A typical resume is overly crowded with too much font design. You don’t even know where to find the information you are looking for. Using different font that is not neat just makes it very hard for the reader to scan through your resume.

Stick to the basic: 11pts or 12pts size of font, either Arial or Times New Roman is the way to go. Highlight only the important information you want to highlight and do not italicize your letter.

Make it formal and keep it short and simple. Better yet Keep It Sweet and Simple (KISS). This method of writing will make your resume more formal and easier to read. You can change headlines and sub-headlines font to make it bigger than the normal text.

Make your words count. Do not use complicated words on the information that you will provide in your resume. Include the most important information like the Certificates you have, including their issued and expiry date, in order for the hiring manager to decide immediately whether they’ll contact you or not.

Make sure you have all the possible ways to contact you (i.e.: email, landline number, mobile number, etc.) The problem that a hiring manager faces after scanning your resume is how to contact you.

Its either you give an email address you never open, you are using your sister’s mobile number, or worst you are giving the wrong country and area code of your landline phone. Make sure that whatever information you put in your resume is up to date and it’s your contact details.

If you want to add more into this information, write it in the comment below so we can talk about it.

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