Strictly Follow Cruise Ship Security and Safety Rules: Ways to Avoid Fire Incidents On Board

One of the important keys of cruise ship security is prevention.

Through good prevention, expected troubles were successfully avoided and cruise ship security was carried out properly. Besides, it’s not only the cruise management who should uphold the proper cruise ship security but also, the cruising tourists should obediently abide with the rules to make their trip worthwhile and relaxing.

In addition, fires are one of most avoided situations of every luxury liner. Fires are also one of the major reasons cruise ship securities are properly carried out by all cruise managements. And so, here are someways on how tourist passengers can fully do their part in promoting cruise ship security and avoid fire incidents on-board.

Ways to Prevent Fires Incidents On-Board

Avoid Smoking On-Board.

An effective way on how to prevent a fire incident on board is to avoid smoking on-board in this way; you can somehow prevent and reduce the chances of fire incidents. If ever you could not control you urge for smoking, then you should make sure that you only smoke in open areas such as on the deck.

Never smoke in areas with surrounding dangerous materials that can possibly trigger fires; these areas would usually include the kitchen and cabin rooms. Whenever you are finished with your smoking, you should see to it that you only throw your used cigarette when the flames have fully resided.

Never leave your gadgets unplugged in your own cabins.

As part of the cruise ship safety, plugged gadgets such as cell phones and laptops being charged should never be left neglected in one’s room since these certain circumstances would typically result to fire incidents. As a matter fact, unplugged items belong to one of the causes of accidents.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
-Benjamin Franklin

Knowing that a fire incident on-board can be dangerous, you should always be careful, sure and meticulous of your actions most especially when everyone’s safety on-board is at stake. That is why, it is important that you check your cabin for plugged items before you leave it since it’s always better to be careful, than to be sorry at the end.

Never leave your hair irons or other heating tools unattended in your cabins.

Since cruise trips would usually last from weeks up to months, it is important that you should be vigilant when it comes with your actions to prevent unexpected accidents. In this way, you can uphold the proper cruise ship safety protocol.

Also, you must always see to it that you never leave your hair iron or other heating tools unattended in your cabins, since it may overheat and may cause a fire to spark. Small fire sparks can without a doubt be dangerous in the sense that it could lead to a big fire and cause great damages on board.

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