Statutory Publications

I will enumerate for you the “Statutory Publications” commonly found on board the ship. The “Ship’s Library” must contain the following books and it must be known to all crew. But the problem is that, some Deck Officers or Crew doesn’t even know that it exists. The following list is for your future reference. I’ll try to find their links, and post it later as an update to this article.

  • International Code of Signals
  • Operating and Maintenance Manual
  • Navigation Tables
  • Nautical Almanac
  • Sailing Directions – it gives necessary information regarding Port Facilities and Coastal Navigation
  • Light Lists
  • Tide Tables – used in predicting tides on different ports
  • Merchant Shipping Guidance and information Notices
  • Weekly Admiralty Notices to Mariners – used to update charts and publications
  • Annual Summary Notices to Mariners
  • Tidal Stream Atlases
  • Admiralty List of radio Signals

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