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If you've read our "About" page, you've already known that we've been here since 2008. That's about the time that there are very few maritime bloggers on the web. But even though we are few, it was a community of helping bloggers. We share information of every site that can help reach as much audience, as long as it is helpful.

Now, it's easier to do that. You have social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ that makes sharing fast and easy.

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  • Inspiration - These are stories that motivates us and gives idea how to achieve our goals.

Aside from the categories that caters a lot of articles that you can read, we also provide a list of agencies, websites, and other important links that may be of use in case you need it. You can find it in the "Reference" page. But that's not all.

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Voyage Planning

If you are preparing for a voyage and you have no idea where to start, you can read this articles to guide you: How to make a Voyage PlanVoyage PlanningShip Reporting System.


If you are in serious debt or you want to know how to manage your finances, these articles can help you: You will always be in financial trouble if you don’t decide to have an Emergency FundWork UNTIL 50 AND RETIRE BROKE – Where DOES YOUR MONEY GOES?How To Effectively Save For Your Retirement.


When you want to find a job but don't have an idea how to begin, these articles can provide those initial ideas to start with: Why you should look for a job right away?A Manning Agencies Guide to Help Seafarers Get a Job FastHow to Motivate Yourself to Stay at a Job and Overcome the Urge to Leave.

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