Shipwreck stories: The Effects of Shipwreck

There is without a doubt that shipwrecks are one of the worst experiences that can happen to a person.

As a matter of fact, shipwrecks affects the lives of the many people who had been able to experience it in such a way that some were not even lucky enough to survive one.

Shipwreck experience affects not only the mental but also in the physical aspects of a person.

Shipwrecks happen due to erratic circumstances, and here are some of the few that affects the lives of the people who experienced it.

The Common Effects of Shipwreck

Shipwrecks can cause great financial damage to ship management.

Although vessels are usually insured, it is still the management’s responsibilities to answer the needs of their crew and passengers who were inflicted by the tragic event.

The passengers are also affected financially due to the loss of their belongings that were left on the sunken ship.

Aside from the normal baggages that are declared, some passengers have valuable cargoes that travel with them which are stored in the vessels cargo hold.

These item means a lot to them and could never be found in the event of a shipwreck tragedy.

Shipwrecks can give a serious traumatic effect to the passengers.

Regardless of the leading financial damages, a shipwreck experience causes traumatic effects to the survivors.

Most of the passengers who have survived a shipwreck would normally experience emotional traumas. Some would acquire short aftershocks and would eventually bounce back again.

Other people would suffer from serious traumas that would somehow take years in order for them to fully recover.

The psychological traumas of shipwreck would typically include depression and hydrophobia.

In addition, shipwreck survivors who are suffering from trauma are advised to seek for professional psychiatric help for a period of time until they have fully recovered from their traumatic experience.

Shipwreck issues can give a bad reputation to the management.

Shipwrecks can certainly give a bad image to the management. This can also be one of the factors that can affect the the progress of the management and its company’s reputation.

This bad image can surely affect the performance of the management and would sometimes eventually lead to the closure of their business.

Knowing the reputation of their company in the transport industry would result to the decline of passengers and would normally prefer other vessel with a better reputation than them.

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