Shipbuilding and its risks

Shipbuilding is defined as the manufacturing of sea vessels that often happens in shipyards or some other facility that specializes in marine gear manufacturing. The people who build or construct ships are known as shipbuilders, shipwrights, marine engineers, or even boat builders.

They call the term ship breaking as the splitting, ripping, and tearing down of a vessel that is previously used. One trivia you might find fascinating is that South Korea created more water vessels than a world combined sometime last 2008.

Vessels must be created and put together before sailors can start working offshore and before cargos are loaded and unloaded. A naval architect that is trained will help in building the merchant ships such as cargo ships, merchant ships, oil tankers, barges, and more structures that are for offshore. The modern ships nowadays are made out of steel that is welded.

Risks in shipbuilding

Being a shipbuilder is no piece of cake. There are dangers and risks included in shipbuilding. Below are some:

1. Disease from exposure to asbestos.

It is not known to everyone that asbestos is the primary material used in building ships for decades. Years before the disease from exposure of asbestos was discovered, lots of ships were already built. This only means that a lot of ship builders were already exposed even before they realized it. A disease related to asbestos exposure is mesothelioma where a benign or malignant tumor develops on the linings of the lungs, heart and abdomen takes 30 years to develop.

2. Back injuries

The risk on back injuries is due to the cramped and stuffed spaces shipbuilders are exposed to. This only gets aggravated when exposed to cold temperature, force, stress and repetition. It is recommended that the employees open up themselves to better training, proper posture, and to use mechanical devices provided for work assistance.

3. Injuries associated to wielding

Considered as the most common since they make up a huge percent of the injuries found in ship construction work. The burning of metal is dangerous and can cause really serious injuries. Even the exposure to a variety of fumes and gases may prove to be lethal and deadly. One must always be provided with protective clothing and safety equipment for the security and safety of the workers, and the people around them.

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