Ship accidents that could have been prevented

We can lessen accidents on the ship. As a personal opinion, the ship itself is a massive machine that when handled improperly, could cause a destructive effect on life, environment, and property. The working environment onboard the ship involves several hazards that could lead to fatal accidents if you neglect safety. Don’t be the next victim of an accident.

Many reasons affect ship accidents. Most of the time you would hear several report that says “Human Error”. If you hear this two words, which is self-explanatory; most people would clearly assume the accident that involves the officer and the master of the ship are unable of their job onboard the ship.

Causes of Accidents

If you dig deeper in the story you would understand the real reason these accidents happen onboard the ship. Let me list down some of the reason that might cause this accidents.

  1. Lack of sleep – on such cases that a ship has 14 different ports of call in one day. Most likely a car ship. Fewer sleeps and more stress especially in areas like the English Channel, in which heavy traffic and poor visibility could cause fatigue to the master and the officers and crew.
  2. Lessened number of crew – advancement of technology and multitasking jobs give way for owners of the ship to lessen the number of crew to earn more money. Including crew quarters of the ship that gets smaller to allow a bigger capacity of cargo holds or cargo tanks.
  3. Strenuous Paperwork’s – with fewer time at ports, many inspectors, and a mountainous number of paperwork’s; you could just imagine how well round up a Captain and his officer to meet the deadline immediately.
  4. Human Factor – this is self-explanatory and as mentioned a while ago, it contributes a lot in every accident.

“Leadership or lack of leadership may play an important role in an accident. The management style of the Captain often mirrors the organization which he works in, for better or worse.”
… forcetechnology

What can we do to prevent these accidents?

There are several ways to prevent these accidents, and significantly lessened the number of instance. With the existing rules that affects all seafarers; awareness can help reduce ship accidents. Resting hours of the crew are arrange to lessen the stress that causes many accidents onboard, either personal or ship related.

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