Sea salt, Is it a more healthy choice than rock salt?

Natural sea salt is a healthy choice when compared to ordinary table salt, but you also have to take in consideration that iodine levels in sea salt are low in contrast to salts that have added iodine. Too little iodine in your daily diet can cause goiter and other illnesses. Below are some added information you need to know about sea salt and rock salt:

Sea salt

  • Comes from seawater that has evaporated, and along with sodium chloride, contains other hints of minerals.
  • Contains parallel amounts of sodium compared to table or rock salt.
  • Must be produced in such a way where possible impurities and contaminants are eliminated.
  • Far from being pure sodium, there has been little or no research to prove the helpful benefits.

Rock or table salt

  • Is mined and extracted which goes through the whole progression of being heavily processed.
  • Practically pure sodium due to heavy processing making people think that this may be a healthy choice.

Sodium as a component of salt

What is all this buzz about sodium? Sodium is a vital mineral that the body cannot make. It is a significant electrolyte present in the added cellular solution. It controls and synchronizes the body fluid. It also plays a task in enzyme operation and muscle contraction, and even transmits electrical propulsions. Too much sodium can be harmful despite the body’s need for sodium. The kidneys normally get rid of sodium excess but when the quantity is too high, they won’t be able to eliminate all of it.

A normal person needs a teaspoon of sodium or iodine daily to continue a good health. Sea salt is no more superior or worse than the normal table salt. With regards to the sodium source, most table salts have been iodized during its processing.

Sea salt or rock salt?

The sea salt advantages are basically mostly aesthetic, not dietary or nutritional. Some people say that sea salt has a more intricate or cleaner taste, perhaps because of the trace minerals it still contains. Yet those extra raw materials would not still be sufficient to make a significant nutritional difference.

Having read all these information, it is now a matter of personal choice which one appeals to your palate. Just remember that too much of either iodine or sodium will not do you any good. Striking a balance is the key in choosing which of these salts you may choose.

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