Practical Advice In Applying For A Job As A Seafarer

Getting noticed among other applicants is never easy. Giving a good impression is how you wanted to be noticed, it is a better way rather than getting a short attention, and then shift to other applicants.

You must be able to stand out among the other applicants. But isn’t it hard to do? Aside from that you must be able to show that you are unique among the others who are also applying for the position. But what about your own skills? Maybe you are not selling the skills that you already have. Have you tried focusing on that before trying to impress your future employer on the skills that you still don’t have?

Here are practical ways you can use to improve your job application.

Get Attention And Be Noticed

Your resume is your first step to the hiring managers desk. Make sure you put the right details and related to the job you are applying for. We tend to copy other resume and often those resumes are not applicable to our profession.

Whenever you write your resume, think of the information that your employer needs. Provide it in your resume. You cannot impress your employer by your schools and achievements. They need tangible information that you have what it takes and that you will stick with the company if in case they hire you.

Prove that you are skilled. They don’t just need certificates. They need proof that you have attended on the job trainings that makes you qualified on the position they are looking for. Include this in the section “Job Skills and Competencies” of your resume. Remember the saying “Experience is the best teacher”? The more tangible that you have experienced the job, the better your chance of getting hired.

Think like the employer whenever you read your resume. Is it boring, too many cluttered words, or not enough information related to the job you are applying for? By doing this, you get the feel of your resume.

You must understand that not all hiring manager have enough time to read your resume. Try keeping your resume in one page, or maximum of two pages. All the important information must be on the first page, and the less important in the last. Keep it direct to the point. Don’t add unnecessary words in writing your resume.

Show Them That You Are A Valuable Asset

Preparation is a big factor in every job application. Do a personal check up. List down all the skills and qualifications that you have that can be of value to the company that you are applying. Your qualifications must include your skills, certificates, licenses, etc. These are work related and focused only on the job you are applying for.

Examine what the employer is specifically looking for. Ask other applicants who previously passed or failed their interview. You’ll get the information you need and you can prepare yourself before the set date of your interview. It is sometimes good not to be the first group of applicants. You get information and makes it easier for you to prepare for the big day.

Know what you have to offer and align it to the needs of the company you are applying for a job. This helps in building your confidence to better answer the questions that may be ask of you. Take time to develop your pitch.

Know Yourself And Use It To Your Advantage

If you are applying for a certain position that you don’t have an experience yet, it is a good idea to ask a person or friend who has an experience on that job. This gives you on hand information on what the job would be. Also, the information that you’ll get can be of good use in case questions will be ask of you related to that job.

If you think like the employer for a minute you’ll be able to know what they may want in case they have that conversation with you. Employers don’t decide with their emotions whenever they are hiring people. They rely on facts. Vivid facts that they can back up with tangible evidence of your skills.

Remember what I told you about knowing what you have to offer? Once you identify your skills and what you have to offer, it is easier for you to write your resume and highlight those strengths that you have. It makes you credible and easier for you to fill out your resume.

Preparation is the key to success. Coming on time during an interview, preparing all your documents needed, and communicating well during an interview makes you a better applicant than the other. Aside from that, it lessens the stress of feeling nervous because you already prepared for it.

It will take time and it is subject to change, but in general, it gives you an edge from the rest.

Remember that you need to get the attention of the employer, and you can only get that if you stand out from the crowd. You can get the attention that you want if you can show them your strong points and the assets that you can offer. So you must know very well your strengths and use it to your advantage.

How about you? Do you have any past experience during your interview or job application that you like to share to us? Write it in the comment below and tell us about it.

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