Pay less for your Passport and Seaman’s book

For new graduates listen up! Do you know what you should have first in order to apply for a job? Passport and Seaman’s book are the two basic documents that you should have. Don’t settle for fixers just to obtain your seaman’s book and Passport. I’ll give you a little tour on what and where you should go in order to have a passport and seaman’s book.


First thing you should have is your Transcript of records and S.O. You must have a NBI Clearance with Visa Seaman. Sets of pictures (1 x 1, 2 x 2, passport size, etc.) it is a good practice to bring your latest pictures to reduce your time looking for a rush photographs, your N.S.O. Authenticated birth certificate, and the training requirements for seaman’s book which are Basic Safety Training and PSSR.

I think that’s about it, I hope I didn’t forget anything. But anyway I’ve provided the link that you can use for a more detailed explanation about it.


For your one “stop shop”, you can visit POEA and you can find everything there. You can file your application there with less hassle, because all of the government agencies I have mentioned are in there. Just fall in line and complete your requirements.


By the way the website for MARINA is not working, but their office is now located at Masagana Supermarket Bldg. at UN Avenue. I’ll also be making a series of posts/articles regarding Maritime Training Center of the Philippines and Philippine Shipping Directories. Keep posting your comments and suggestions if you have any. Have a good day.

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