Nepotism Is An Uncommon Practice, But Accepted By Others

When it comes to understanding what nepotism is all about, this is what every person should know: Nepotism is similar to networking and it cannot be avoided. Although it can be used for good, other use it for abuse, in relation to hiring.

Every person has reasons for hiring or recommending people they know. But it nepotism is very much embedded in the system that you cannot even detect it. Let us look into the pros and cons of Nepotism so that we can understand it and benefit from it.

Nepotism vs. Networking

When we want to apply for a job we all think of one thing in mind, “Who will help us to get a job fast”. Although other people manage to get a job without any recommendation, but still 80% of the times we still seek for a way that somebody will vouch for us.

Here in the Philippines, the common word that you will hear when you apply for a job as a seafarer is: “Who recommended you?” It is a reality that every individual applying for a job is facing.

But it has a good side, the person applying with a recommendation is most likely going to do good knowing that every action that he will take will reflect the person who recommended him. Or, it can be the other way. Whatever would be the result there is always a risk involved. Make sure that you still hire the person basing on the various validated information that you get from him, out of his skills and certificates.

Also, as most of you may not know, companies are encouraging their employees to hire only the people that is recommended by their current crew or employee. It is already existing in the system of every company, you just didn’t notice it.

But why do people hate nepotism? Simply because they are out of job or they cannot get hired. But don’t you know that even hiring managers are asking their network if they colleagues know someone that they could recommend to apply for their job vacancy? It is networking and nepotism in action isn’t it?

We may look at it a good way or a bad way, but the reality is that nepotism exist in our society. You just didn’t notice it.

You Cannot Avoid Nepotism

Have you ever been in a company who are most likely manned by people who graduated in the same school or university? It is a common picture in companies and in the government. As managers or leaders we tend to give opportunities first on the people who graduated in the same alma matter.

Although it proves to be working well on many cases, it promotes criticism and discrimination on other person who are qualified for the job but is not related to the same alma matter. Sometimes they hire people because of the same alma matter, but are not even qualified for the job. This you must consider as risk.

Try to justify the reason why you hire the person in the first place. Remember, it will back fire on you. So, make sure that you are doing the right decision in hiring the person even if you graduated in the same alma matter.

Lets look at businesses, either big or small. What have you noticed? Relatives and friends are within the circle of their company. It is a common practice that when you run a business, almost everybody in the family should be a part of it.

Nobody says it is right or wrong, it depends on how families or relatives run the company, it just shows that nepotism very prominent in the business industry as well.

Leaders Should Objectively Evaluate Qualifications

Leaders or Hiring Managers should always consider the company goals. They should align their hiring scheme so that it would meet those goals. This makes a clear statement that even if you hire a person due to Nepotism, it is within the boundaries of the requirements to meet the company’s goals.

Before even looking for new applicants, try to look within your ranks. The most frustrating part in the side of an employee is not being considered to a position that he or she is capable of doing, or in many cases, not being considered for a promotion. Remember that it is cheaper and has a good long term result if you build from down to up, than filling the position by new applicants.

And if in case you consider to fill the position with a person related to you or connected to you, make sure it is justifiable that you did the decision. Look at the repercussion. If it works within those boundaries then it is safe to say that you did the right decision.

So What’s Next

Before we even think of getting angry at the word nepotism, let us think outside of the box and learn to realized that nepotism has a good and bad side. If done right, it can be on the good side.

It is part of the society we are working and nepotism can be considered as networking. Whether we like it or not, we cannot avoid nepotism. It is so embedded in our society that sometimes you just didn’t notice it. We just have to be objective in the way we handle things so that we will not abuse the use of nepotism specially in hiring the right people.

How about you? Do you have any experience or you know any situation that nepotism is applied in your industry, job, or workplace. Share it with us and let us talk about it. Write it in the comment below.

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