Nautical decor ideas for your bedroom

If you are thinking of giving your home’s rather boring dull and boring interior design a fresh, new-look, a nautical theme is a fun and unique way to spruce up your home. Nautical decor can give your home a touch of flair and individuality.

The bedroom is a great area in your home where you can play up with different nautical décor ideas available. Here are some ideas for decorating your bedroom with a nautical theme:


This is an important element in any room with nautical style. Use colors that are bold and are associated with nautical elements such as navy-blue, antique white and rusty red. However, be careful not to overuse these colors as it can create an overpowering look. For instance, instead of using one nautical color to paint the entire walls of your room, you might want to use a softer color for other walls.


There are plenty of wallpaper designs that have nautical colors. Navy-blue and red ticking stripes are great colors to incorporate in your bedroom’s nautical decor.


Nautical accessories can add more color and aura to your room’s nautical theme, and can be added into your room in so many different ways. Popular accessories include sailboats, lighthouses, sailing maps, sailor flags or a ship in a bottle, which are easily available in many home decor stores. If you have a bigger bedroom space, you might also want to incorporate these accessories such as driftwood, sand dollars, sea grass plants and seashells.
You can also opt for wall art, such as old photos of nautical accessories which you can frame and hang on your walls. You can even take photos of your own. These accessories make for a great addition to your nautical-inspired room. A porthole mirror also gives your room an instant feeling as if you were at sea.


You can play up your bed with popular nautical motifs such anchors, boats, lighthouses and oars. Choose pillows, beddings and throw rugs that have nautical designs. If your bedroom space allows, you might want to have hewn oar on your wall as well to add more statement to your room’s nautical décor.

When setting up a nautical decor for your bedroom, don’t be afraid to experiment at the same time be careful not to overdo it. Keep in mind that a nautical bedroom design is all about having fun and enjoying the ride so you can have the perfect nautical haven of your own.

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