Nautical bedding ideas to spruce up your bedroom

Decorating your bedroom with nautical bedding is an exciting way to add a touch of flair and personality to your home. Having a nautical theme in your bedroom conjures up a relaxed yet vibrant aura that makes for a room that is cozy to stay and sleep in. No matter what time and season you are in, nautical bedding can give you that fresh, summery beach feeling.

Take advantage of bold, warm colors that spell sun, sand and sea. Colors associated with the nautical motif are blue, antique white and rusty red. Children will also love the idea of having a nautical inspired room, with ideas that can range from pirate adventures, sea explorations to treasure hunts.

There are many nautical bedding pieces to choose from. These include bed skirts, curtains, decorative pillows, duvets, lampshades, quilts, rugs and sheets.

Also, there are just about several nautical bedding décor ideas that you can try. Here are some choices to help you:

  • Lighthouse bedding
  • Antique boats, ships and yachts bedding
  • Denim blue sheets, blankets, comforters and pillowcases
  • Caribbean pirates bedding
  • Nautical throw pillows, throw rugs, quilts, towels and shower curtains
  • Striped bedding with the colors blue, white or red including other nautical elements
  • Tropical bedding with ocean designs
  • Accent pieces of model ships and sailboats, telescopes, lighthouses, etc.
  • Wooden treasure chests, canoes, paddles, rustic oars and ship wheels
  • Seashells, sand dollars, ship in a bottle or framed antique nautical photos as wall art

A good thing about decorating your bedroom with a nautical theme is that it the collection can go a long way, allowing you to stretch your imagination and experiment with different nautical accents. You can start off with the basics such as nautical bedding and other sheets.

After which you can then go on to the finer details such as nautical home décor accents. An important thing to keep in mind, though, is not to overdo it. Especially if your bedroom space is limited, consider sticking to a minimalist style but one which does not lack that nautical punch.

The Internet is a great source for finding the right nautical theme that suits your style and preference. You can find many, different nautical bedding ideas that you can find on-line which can help put your bedroom into a haven of calm and creativity.

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