Modern Shipwreck Gold Stories of 2011

It is a given fact that shipwreck gold is certainly considered to be one of the most sought after treasures nowadays.

Fully amazed by the value of shipwreck gold, underwater gold hunters have even become more determined to find any treasure.

Knowing that finding shipwreck gold can make them rich and famous in no time, a number of them have greatly invested in their searching expeditions such as not only their time, but also their efforts and of course, their money. Well, here are two of the modern shipwreck gold stories of 2011.

2011 Shipwreck Gold Discoveries

Shipwreck Gold Chain in Florida

One of the most recent shipwreck gold discovery include the shipwreck gold antique chain in Florida.

This underwater treasure was found in seafloor off the Florida Keys by shipwreck experts while on their exploration for a 17th century Spanish Galleon which was shipwrecked during the 17th century.

Furthermore, this antique gold chain is known to be centuries old and is about 40 inches. This gold chain has an enamelled gold cross and two engraved religious medallion that features a chalice and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Shipwreck experts fully suppose that this piece of treasure is from the boat called, Nuestra Senora de Atocha which was as well shipwrecked due to a hurricane in the year 1662.

Tentatively, this shipwreck gold chain is valued to be about $250,000. This treasure was found by the Mel Fisher’s Treasures’ divers.

As a matter of fact, this crew was able to find a number of underwater treasure during the 1980’s from the Nuestra Senora shipwreck which even summed up to $450 million.

It is a given fact that shipwreck gold is certainly considered to be one of the most sought after treasures nowadays.

Shipwreck Gold of 594,000 Silver and Gold Chains

A shipwreck gold treasure which amounted to $500 million was found by the Odyssey Marine Exploration in the year 2007.

This underwater treasure is considered to be the biggest sunken treasure to be recovered.

With 17 cases of gold and silver coins that summed up to $500 million, the Spanish and Peruvian government claimed for these treasures in court.

Additionally, this shipwreck gold treasure was truly from the Our Lady of Mercy galleon that was heading to Spain from Peru.

The Our Lady of Mercy, one of the famous Spanish galleons was shipwrecked by a British fleet on 1804 at the off coasts of Portugal, and the recovered treasure of this galleon was eventually given to Spain since they have won the legal battle.

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