Maritime Watercrafts and the Accidents involved

The most dangerous activity watercrafts were outlined by the Office of Auxiliary and Boating Safety. It was reported based on the total number of casualties and people injured. Below are the results including figures:


  • Considered to be the riskiest among recreational watercraft
  • 230 deaths due to drowning
  • 104 deaths due to other factors
  • 1,888 deaths in a year
  • 2,220 casualties

Personal watercrafts

  • 982 injuries per year
  • 14 deaths due drowning
  • 53 deaths due to other factors
  • 1,049 casualties

Cabin motorboats

  • 33 deaths due to drowning
  • 20 deaths due to other factors
  • 283 injuries per year

Kayaks and canoes

  • 97 deaths due to drowning
  • 10 deaths due to other causes or factors
  • 93 injuries per year
  • 200 casualties

Pontoon vessels

  • 12 deaths due to drowning
  • 3 deaths due to other factors
  • 112 injuries per year
  • 127 casualties

The watercrafts are not only the ones deliberated because of the mishaps. The bodies of water, where the majority of these accidents occur, were also taken into consideration. Surprisingly, the study states that most of these maritime accidents occur in the following information below:

Ponds, lakes, dams, reservoirs, and even gravel pits

  • 327 deaths
  • 2,409 accidents
  • Annual number of 1,801 injuries

Rivers, creaks, and streams

  • 140 deaths
  • 1,088 accidents
  • 832 injuries each year

Bays, inlets, sounds, and harbors

  • 62 deaths
  • 657 accidents
  • 394 injuries per year

Oceans and gulfs

  • 38 deaths
  • 265 accidents
  • 136 injuries per year

The list goes on. No matter where you are and what vessel you take, accidents are unavoidable. It does not mean that you have to choose. Instead, be mindful of the risks involved because by doing so, you are able to take extra care of yourself and ultimately avoid being part of the statistic.

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