Maritime Intermodal System Policy

A variety of ideas have been made known for Community action with the definite purpose of promoting the merchant fleet of Europe. These will be implemented within the scope of the general transport policy.

Their first idea is to point out that the Maritime transport is an important part of this economic sector. Thus, its role should ensure to fluid movement of both persons and goods. The provided services should depend between both public and private company competition, and also on infrastructure which are mostly owned by a public sector.

The Community conceived a common transport policy that is fixed to achieving a mobility that is sustainable by an intermodal system that includes maritime transport. It has been complained by operators in the sector that maritime transport, in those measures to promote the intermodal system, is somehow marginalized. Though until now, it was never found out whether or not the complains were justified. They had put to thought that the best way for efficiency and competition to be promoted, they have to have the maritime transport integrated into a Community transport system.

Progress has been seen in a physical level in the development of a combined transport. It has been manifested with the amplified use of containers and improved equipment of port handling. But despite these, certain administrative and legal problems remain. Two of it is the easy access to port services and the simplifying of control procedures and customs for the maritime goods and persons. The former is a condition that is essential for the stipulation of the competitive port services.

The question of Interoperability remains, if the possibility of an efficient intermodal transport system that would be able to facilitate shipment from one means of transport to another would be sufficient. The type of integration would be achieved if the routes and clockwork of the vehicles are to be coordinated. This would result to minimized delays though legal and administrative restrictions as well as the increased technology use are not involved.

One example of a multimodal integration is sea or river transport. A minimum number of transshipments with goods are allowed to be carried inlands.The various forms of short sea shipping also have an important role to play in the process of integration. The companies that would combine together to have a transport service that is comprehensive with their coordination would certainly benefit from all of this.

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