Maritime Employees, Accidents, and Compensation

The maritime industry is one of the companies that rapidly grow because of its high demand for production resulting to a high employee demand. This made the industry grow despite it being a very risky industry.

Because of this, a law was passed that would protect a maritime employee and avoid the issue of negligence on their employer’s part. It would give the employees the proper claims if they suffer massive injuries, by any chance, while working for their employer.

Nature of claims before the law

Before the law was passed, some cases of negligence were filed in different departments of a maritime company. It is unavoidable for accidents to occur, yet, most of the alleged accidents and cases of personal injury occur without much justified facts. Even if compensation was given, it was not enough. Despite facts (e.g. injuries) were shown, these were not enough to prove how certain the claims were. In the end, these complained accidents would end up being answered by memos explaining that the situation was unexpected. Sometimes these accidents would not only take the source of an employer’s livelihood but in worst cases, their lives would also be taken.

The Jones act

A law passed by Senator Wesley Jones aimed at helping the employees of a vessel. This law became a personal task and priority of Maritime lawyers when addressing employee claims.

There were countless injuries that occurred within the maritime industry. A few of these are international maritime damages, injuries from water taxis and ferry including injuries that are inflicted by cargo supplies. Getting a lawyer will be important to have this law interpreted.

Why consult a maritime lawyer?

A maritime lawyer will help you when filing for your benefits. In addition, maritime lawyers will stand for your interests during disputes or would even defend you against some claims. Getting a maritime lawyer is the first step, however, how do you spot a good lawyer?

A background check of your choice of lawyer including the firm, which, he/she is from, will be necessary to make sure your case will be handled properly. While a lawyer is essential in filing you benefits and claims, you also need to maintain a good healthy working relationship. Doing this will speed up the process of your claims and prevents you from hopping from one lawyer to another.

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