Learn To Push Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When you are stuck in your comfort zone for too long, chances are, you’re not willing to try other options that maybe a better way of life. You miss out the opportunities that could have been your success if only you try it.

Imagine yourself in the end relishing that you could have done better if only you have the guts to move out of your comfort zone. Environment usually affects our decision and sometimes it is too late to realize that our opportunity has passed us by. Life begins outside of your comfort zone. You have to build the courage to try to step out of your comfort zone to achieve it. Here’s what were going to do.

You must learn to accept challenges

We are programmed to stay inside our comfort zone. It is a better feeling for us to remain on what we usually do rather than try other things. We always put a protective barrier around ourselves, our career, and our family that sometimes prevents us from growing. We believe that what we have now is far better than what others are suggesting. It makes our life boring and monotonous that we became slave to our routines.

Setting goals can help us achieve our plans in life. It makes us visualize what we want to achieve. Whenever we set goals, we try our best to achieve it. Along the process, you force yourself to slowly set free from your comfort zone and try baby steps of challenges that you can overcome and succeed until you meet the goal you’ve set.

Believe in yourself; never think that you will fail. Always think that there is a way for every obstacle that you will face. Motivation is very important if you want to succeed. It pushes you to go further and find options along the way.

Have courage to try new things in life

Learn from your adventures. As seafarers, we frequently travel; this gives us advantage in learning different culture. You just didn’t pay attention to details of how other people or nationality live their lives and you are missing out the chances from learning from them.

Learn from other people’s wisdom by asking them and knowing more about them.
If you have a group or network of friends that you meet a lot, talk with them and learn from their experiences. This makes you mature, and builds your confidence in your future plans of trying other things.

Volunteerism is another way of building confidence. It helps you develop those baby steps you need, and prepares you on the bigger steps that you plan to take in the future.
Attend meetings and conferences; meet other people that you can share common interest. Exploring different horizons in your career makes you smarter and as you immerse yourself to your career and life, you realize the growth that can build confidence in whatever you want to try in your life.

Our desire to improve our life, better health, dreams to pursue, and creating more joy makes us decide to take the risk and move out of our comfort zone. Whatever would trigger the courage we need, it pushes us further and makes us stronger. If you can identify that trigger, nourish it and make it work with you so that you can move forward and start whatever it is that you’re planning to do.

You can have a better life outside your comfort zone

Staying in what you are now is not bad. But don’t you think that there are other chances that you can have a better life out of your comfort zone. You will never know it if you will not try it. Taking the chance is the only way that you will find out. If you don’t venture now, you will gain nothing. The experience and the success are like a closed box. If you don’t try to open it, you will never know what is inside.

Risk surrounds us every day, the only thing we can do is minimize the risk. Besides, the experience of trying other things in our life is enough reward, knowing that we can only achieve it if we try.

Strengths and weaknesses are developing as we feed ourselves with experiences that help us mature. We discover different options that applies in our lives and we realize that the experiences we endure speeds up our learning.

Fear is the common problem that makes us hesitant in moving out of our comfort zone. Identify those fears that you have and find solutions to minimize or completely remove it from your life. After all, we are created not to fear but to overcome fear.

Re-framing your fear helps you mitigate fear in your life. By creating a comfort zone in your life that slowly shines out of you helps you build courage and fight fear. Praying is a good start of building strength. Your faith can build a sanctuary in your life that resonates to your personality.

Every decision in life has risk, whether you are in your comfort zone of not. The only solution is never surrender or never give-up on the chance of making it better. Your comfort zone is holding you back, so you must learn to step out of it.

Challenge your comfort zone. Realize that you are capable of doing more if you step out of your comfort zone. Improve your communication skills, interact with others. This helps you learn more that what you have already learned so far. Fight fear and never hold back. Life is full of risk, you may already be in a risky situation right now, so it is better to manage risk rather than be a slave to it.

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