Learn the Secret to Immortality

The Maritime Industry consist a vast network of organizations and people serving on different departments, professions, and expertise. The majority of the persons in the key positions of the maritime society consist of persons who once work onboard the ship. They were masters of their own craft. The knowledge that they acquire for the past years will serve as the foundation of future mariners. But the big question is, will they share that knowledge to others.


The immortal deed

Sharing your knowledge to others is the extension of your immortality. Being a mentor takes a lot of responsibility. But as you see the person who followed your footsteps became successful in his craft, you will come to understand the happiness of being part of that person’s success.

“There is no use for experience, if it is not shared with others. And there is no real excuse not to share it”. – The Art of Dredging.

The Goal

Kennebec Captain created the “The Maritime Information Sharing Network” which promotes awareness to all mariners to share their knowledge to others.

“What is The Maritime Information Sharing Network? It is my way of encouraging other mariners to start actively sharing their experiences and knowledge on line.”

“If you are, or have been involved in the maritime world, afloat or ashore I encourage you to become active on the web. I have neither a good writing style or a good web design, yet, in a small way, I have managed to add my point of view to the on-line maritime community. I don’t do this out of love of my fellow mariners. I seek to improve my own understanding of my profession and to enlighten those shore bound.”

“The internet offers us powerful tools to connect and to communicate. Administrators, regulators and other shore-side personnel seek a better understanding of life at sea, other captains seek feedback from pilots and tips from other mariners including captains.” – Kennebec Captain


Have your say

We should not hesitate to share to others our knowledge. We should think of the future of the Maritime Industry. We need to create and educate competent mariners. Our experiences as officers onboard will make them more efficient. Skills are learned through experience. Our experience as skilled mariners will serve as the foundation of their success and the extension of our immortality.

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