Learn more about Inert Gas System

Inert Gas System is a gas or mixture of gases, such as flue gas, that contain insufficient oxygen to support the combustion of hydrocarbons. Inert gas prevents formation of flammable atmosphere in cargo tanks during cargo operation in tankers.

Inert gas can be also used on ballast tanks or void spaces to prevent risk of explosion in case of gas build up in these spaces.

Leakage of oil into the double hull ballast space for tankers, even from minor cracking or corrosion pitting, can lead to volatile gas build up in these spaces. Installation of an appropriate inert gas system reduces oxygen levels, thus reducing the atmospheric conditions that could lead to risk of explosion in the ballast tanks,” explains Yoshi Ozaki, Manager, Marine Engineering Systems, ABS; as said by eagle.org

Fuel, heat, and oxygen which is most widely known as the three components needed for ignition. Inert Gas helps by reducing or eliminating the oxygen in tank below 11.5%by volume. Inert gas system helps in protecting against tank explosion. By introducing inert gas to the tank, reduction of oxygen content be achieved.

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