How you should use Social Media to find a job?

Social media has been around for quite some time now. It is where people gather for a common interest.

A good example of social media platforms are: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and a lot more. Many people use social media to past the time. But, do you know that you can use it for applying for a job? Users of this web apps never realized that it is a very good tool for finding job, and hiring people.

Let’s look for an example in Linkedin; applicants are searched from Linkedin, and competent crew are found to hire for a job opening.

Social media creates a place where people of common interest gathers. For example; in the maritime industry, there are certain groups of fan page that caters to maritime professionals and interested persons.

In social media, you feel at ease asking questions and sharing information in an informal way. Lets say you like to add a person as a friend; if the other person agrees to be your friend then you have found your connection.

How should you use it?

It is very easy to spread your connection and increase your network in social media. Off-course there are certain limitations that you have to consider.

  1. You must not insist your self to much. Remember that the person in the other side has the right to block you in case he gets annoyed.
  2. Be courteous and do not show off unless you think you are very much qualified on the job. Newbies tends to over sell their expertise and didn’t realize that they don’t have the necessary skill to sell their expertise yet.
  3. Work on the pacing of the other person not on your pacing
  4. Be patient. Follow-ups must be done on the right moment.
  5. Be prepared. Your CV must be complete and ready once they ask for it. And in case they ask to see you, be ready for an appointment.

Why should I use social media in finding and getting a job?

You are getting left behind of the advantages that social media gives, if you are not using its full potential.

There are number of reasons why you should use it:

  1. It is where people of common interest gather .
  2. It is a place for getting a lot of information in one pool. Kinda like a fish pond. If a pond has hundreds of fish, you just need a net to harvest it.
  3. It lessens your time searching for people. Narrowing down your searching gives you an advantage in collecting better result in finding applicants or finding a job
  4. It is where people talks naturally about there field of expertise.
  5. People in social media are helpful.

Social media also has that sense of belongingness that gives you ideas that you need on certain aspect of
your career.

Not all can benefit from social media, only those who truly know how to use it.

So what’s your say about your experience using social media? Share it on the comment below and let’s start a conversation.

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