How to plan your City Tour

The first that will make an impression to you about a place are its people. I’ve travelled around the world, most of the time and Filipino hospitality is still the best. A place can be so wonderful whenever you see people that are wholeheartedly welcoming you in their place.

People that are friendly, hospitable and full of pride at their natural heritage are noble indeed. Walking on a safe street creates a feeling of security for tourist. A clean street makes a great impression too. It’s a great escape from the city, especially if you’ve spend your entire life living in a crowded place.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”
– (1 Peter 4:8-9)

When we’re talking about city, you wouldn’t want to miss your city tour. But before you start your tour of the city, you might want to list down some items. These must have are compulsory for you.

You must have these.

    • Backpacks

It’s good to have a handy backpack with you. Just the right size will do. Having all of your important items in one bag and keeping both of your hands free. You’ll probably buy some souvenir items along the way, so it’s better to have a bag for storage.

    • Water

Walking up and down, even crossing bridges and hopping on big rocks can surely make you thirsty. You can just imagine yourself perspiring and losing all those liquids of your body. It’s better to have bottled water inside your bag all the time.

    • Camera

This is the most important gadget that you should have. I’m not talking about built-in camera of your mobile phone. I’m talking about any digital camera that would make your picture stunningly great.

If you’re a DSLR person, I bet you already know some pointers in taking picture. But if you want to improve your photo shots, or a newbie who wants to know more about taking pictures, I suggest you read this photography book. It will help you a lot in improving your photo shots.

    • Caps

Caps are good to cover that extra sunlight creeping to your face. Whatever size and design you like, as long as it serves its purpose, it’s a must have for you. I would suggest a fishing hat or bucket hat, it gives you that shade that you need.

    • Shades

This comes with your caps. This item surely is a must have for you. It’s handy to carry; it doesn’t need too much space in your bag. It’s a good protection for your eye against UV Rays.

    • Money

This surely is the most important. Keep with you small bills of money so you won’t have problem buying. Credit cards are handy especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Remember that carrying many cash has its disadvantage too. Just bring the right number of money and you’ll do just fine.

This is just a few that you should have when you’re planning for your city tour. You can add a lot more to this list. Simply place your comment on the comment box provided and we’ll talk about it on-line. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for your future reference.

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