How to Motivate Yourself to Stay at a Job and Overcome the Urge to Leave.

Are you tired at work? You want to quit your job right? But something is holding you back. It’s normal, your human and you have doubts.

What can you do to stop yourself from quitting?

1. Start with small goals that will lead to achieving big goals.

You’ve set goals but you are tired of achieving it because nothing is changing. Maybe you’ve set a super big goal that takes a lot of time to achieve. Start with small steps, prime your feeling of pride in achieving small goals. This prepares you on a much bigger goal that you are about to face.

Don’t give up. Stay focused and remember that you will reap the benefits later as long as you stay focused in your goal.

2. Try something new.

Work is boring to you now. It is no longer challenging. You want to feel the challenge. Try something new, you can think of many ways to do something new.

Take a masteral degree while you’re working. Upgrade your credentials by taking short courses that are related or even not related to your work.

Take difficult assignments that are time pressured. It gives you that adrenalin rush whenever you work on deadlines. Just remember, once you’ve taken that challenge, make sure you’ll complete it. It is part of your baby step in priming your emotions in achieving small jobs that leads to big milestone in your job.

3. Look for a critique.

It is not a usual practice but it is one way of knowing which area of your job you need to improve. Look for a person in your workplace that you admire his or her work, and ask them to critique your performance with your job. Be open minded on whatever they will say.

Don’t hold a grudge on them if they told you the truth. This helps in improving yourself in connection to your work and your relationship to your peers. It also adds something new in your job that you consider boring.

4. Every time you achieve a milestone in your career, test it in order to improve it more.

It is not about being perfectionist, but rather about having a reality check on what areas you need to change or modify. As you stay longer in your job, it becomes monotonous. You start to develop skills that are near to perfection. But have you ask yourself if it is already an obsolete skill or technique.

Validate your suspicion by trying new methods in completing jobs that maybe easier and less time consuming. There’s nothing wrong in trying new stuffs that you know could improve your performance in your job and make your life easier to manage.

After all, it is always fun to try new things and find out the outcome by yourself, and then brag it to your colleague after you have good results.

5. Include an element of fun in your job.

This should always be in your list of daily activities in your workplace. It doesn’t necessarily mean party, but rather small talks or laughs that sort of an ice breaker in your daily routine at work.

Short breaks and visiting your colleagues can reduce the aching back pains that you are feeling whenever you are doing continues work. Off course you know your priorities; it is a must that you complete your job for the day. But it is also nice if you can couple it with fun to make your daily boring life more lively and enjoyable.

6. Be sociable.

Somehow you need to reward yourself, don’t forget that you have a social life after your work. Attend party (that is according to what is acceptable to your wife, if you know what I mean), but keep in mind your limitations.

Whenever there are events or big gatherings in your profession, find a way to squeeze it in your schedule. It makes you meet different people and discuss common ideas that can help you improve your job or make it more interesting.

Just make sure that you get their contact details afterward. It can help broaden your network as well.

7. Always be patient.

Patience is a virtue, and you can apply it in different ways in your life. Whether you are eager get promoted, wanted a new house, buy a new car, or travel around the world, being patient keeps you out of trouble.

It can even save you from making a wrong decision or jumping into drastic conclusion.

Back to you.

Whenever you have that urge of quitting your job, look back into this list and figure out a decision if you really want to quit. Identify what triggers your decision to quit and discuss it with the people you trust.

Ask their opinion especially those that will be affected once you quit your job (they’re your family that is directly dependent on your salary). Sometimes it takes only positive attitudes to put you back up on your feet and continue your job.

How about you? Do you want to share more on what you read? Write it in the comment below. Ask questions if you want to know.

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