How is my GOC?

General Operators Certificate or most popularly known as G.O.C. How can I get one? It’s not so difficult. You just have to know where to go to study it and prepare yourself for the exam. I’ll give you some tips regarding it. To be able to take the GOC exam you must have the following certificate:

  • SRROC – Ship’s Restricted Radio Operators Course
  • INMARSAT – International Maritime Satellite Course
  • GMDSS – Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Course


I’ll recommend you one good training center in Manila, and the price is very affordable. MARITAS is a training center that offers these courses. It will take you 3 weeks to complete all these three courses.

After completing the courses, you can file your examination at National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) at Quezon City. The hard part of the exam is the Morse code. I’ll be discussing ‘How to memorize your Morse code” in the next issue of Pinoy Maritime. I’ve provided the link to National Telecommunications Commission, just click NTC or check our PARTNERS page for related links that you need.

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