How First Impression will Mess Up your Career

Making a good impression can give you a head start in almost every aspect of your career.

You must understand that it is vital in your career to make a good impression, otherwise all of the preparation you made will be for nothing.

A good impression will normally make the hiring process easy. I’ve seen many instances wherein I would not even spend 5 mins talking to the applicant ‘coz I know that there is nothing more that I can squeeze from his skills.

He may have a long experience but non of the requirements for the job.

A good impression can put yourself in the short list of ”Qualified for Hiring” persons.

There are cases that they may still hire you, like:

  • they have no other option,
  • there prospect employees did not agree on certain terms of the job or salary of job,
  • or it seems that you are very persistent in applying.

But the point is without that good impression, it would simply be plain luck for you to land that job.

How do you identify mistakes?

Let us take into consideration the common impressions that applicants make.

  • They usually imply that they are the best
  • They write their CV in a cluttered way
  • They come over-dressed for an interview
  • They mumble when they answer questions, creating a notion of being unconfident with their self
  • They rely on their “backer” and often come for an interview un-prepared
  • They sell their selves too much even if it is very obvious that they are not qualified
  • They are shy to ask about their salary, why is it low, or if there is a chance to increase the offer
  • They often ask about the salary first before even bothering to talk about their skills
  • They brag of their expertise to much.

These are just some of the common impressions that I have encountered, whenever I am hiring an employee or a seafarer.

Picture yourself, which of the list are you? If it’s not in the list, how are you as an applicant?

Then ask yourself, how can I improve my personality. How can I be an effective conversationalist?

“A wise person would always think there is room for improvement”

Many applicants also commit mistakes they never thought that they’ve done it.

I’ll list down some for you so you can have an idea:

  • They wear inappropriate dress.

Whether it be a man or a woman, your clothes defines your personality. Think of the idea “Less is More”, you can dress for success or either dress to impress.

  • They put too much perfume

Often times applicant put too much perfumes that causes distraction to the part of the interviewer.

Remember you are there for an interview and not to tell them that your perfume is better than them.

  • They move like Mick Jagger

I may be a fan of mick jagger; but the way you talk and the way you make gestures in front of the interviewer is being criticized in every aspect of it.

Do not give the impression that you are a rockstar. Try to be more decent in your movement and words you say.

  • Their hair is so disoriented

Guys have a thing about fashionable hair, gels, and wax. But please, do not come to your interview with hair that looks like you have been electrocuted or you are a long lost fan of “Punks not Dead”.

Again, I emphasize DECENCY.

It’s the impression you are providing that counts. If the interviewer sees you have these fashions, they may think you have serious problem in your life or you had a bad day, and it is better to cancel your interview.

These are just a few but if you experience a lot more than the list, share it on the comment below.

You may have experience answering questions that make you shiver, it is a common thing especially if it’s your first time.

To avoid this you can do the following:

  • Remain calm and remember that you are only talking to a normal person just like you. He/She may be the manager but he is still a normal person.
  • Listen first before you answer. Don’t be shy to tell him to repeat the question. Remember that a half understood question leads to ambiguous answers
  • Breathe normally but don’t breathe to deep. I often see applicants when they are scared, you can almost hear their esophagus resonate. My solution, a glass of water and a simple joke to calm the person’s nervousness. But not all person is like me 🙂
  • Answer positively and avoid talking about your personal matters.
  • BE YOURSELF.. You are unique in your own way, and it gives you more confidence speaking if you just be yourself.

After the interview, do not pressure yourself thinking of the result. Remember that the most stressful part is after the interview.

We tend to think of the result in a negative way and even end up having sleepless night thinking of the bad part of the interview that we did.

Good communication is your best tool

Communication is vital in every interview. Remember that the questions of the hiring officer must be answered accordingly in order to assess whether or not to hire you.

Another important skills that you should have is Listening.

You must listen to their question and answer it directly. Do not digress for it may mislead you to the correct answer that the interviewer is looking for.

When your interviewed, you are measured by a Metric which they use to identify your strengths and weaknesses. It should satisfy certain criteria that the company is keeping.

Sometimes you may think it is a silly question, but it has a certain criteria being measure.It can either be work related or related to your personality.

Those criteria may be assessing your knowledge, understanding, proficiency, emotional stability, critical decision making, leadership, and confidence.

It can be of various metrics, and it sometimes vary from person to person or company to company. Again I emphasize; communication is very important in any career.

Act Now!

I believe that I have covered a lot in this article and I hope that you will implement the things that you’ve learned. Try to remember your past experience during an interview and you will see that there is a pattern in every aspect of the interview that they are doing.

Think of how you have acted and answered on that day and list down the pros and cons of your actions.

Improve the cons and improve your communication skills so that you will build the confidence you need for your actions.

After you have completed your list and thought of ways to improve yourself, share it with us in the comment below so that other people can learn from you and could suggest a better way that you can implement too.


I hope I have shared a valuable information to you and added a tool that you can use in your career.

I encourage you to share with us your experience and help others learn new ideas from your comment.

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Enjoy your job hunting and Good Luck!



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