Gauging Success

“It is success that colors all in life; success makes fools admired makes villains honest. All the proud virtue of this vaunting world fawns on success and power however acquired”. –Thompson. Everybody wants success. All of us want to be successful. Success can mean differently to you and to me. You should learn to find in yourself the margin of ceiling of your satisfaction, to be able to say to yourself that you’re successful. I’d like to share to you a simple story how to gauge your success.


Two different people, the first one is a janitor in his mid 30’s with a loving wife and two kids. While the other is a bachelor in his mid 20’s enjoying a game of golf, flirting with his sexy girlfriend and enjoying a life with plenty of money. Both of them love their work and enjoy the comfort of what life can give them. Who do you think is the successful person between the two?

If you selected only one of them, you have selected wrongly. Both of them are successful in their own way of life. They both manage to find their ceiling of satisfaction, were in its enough for them to live the life that they actually have at the moment. You see, it’s our greed that’s hindering us from obtaining what success is to us. I remember one t-shirt slogan that writes “moderate your greed” it applies to all. And nobody is exempted.


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