Dress to Impress

Today let’s talk about proper dress code. As officers on board the ship, whether you are from deck or engine department, must be properly dressed. I’ll share to you a quote from Goldsmith. It goes like this: “The person whose clothes are extremely fine I am too apt to consider as not being possessed of any superiority of fortune, but resembling those Indians who are found to wear all the gold they have in the world in a bob at the nose”.

We’ll it’s not that you have to wear a ring to dangle at your nose, but it simply says that through your dress or clothes, people can already see a big picture of who and what you are. Whether you’re rich or poor, educated or not, the thing is it shows and defines who you are.


Be well groomed when reporting to your office. Cut that long hair. Shave that beard and mustache. Be proud of who you are. You’re a Pinoy Seaman. You deserve to earn everybody’s respect.



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