Does all ship benefits from Port State Control Inspections?

Before we answer that question, let us know first what a Port State Control Inspection is. P.S.C. is the inspection of foreign ships in other national ports by PSC officers (surveyors) for the purpose of verifying that the competency of the master and officers onboard, the condition of a ship and its equipment comply with the requirements of international conventions (e.g. SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, etc.) and that the vessel is manned and operated in compliance with applicable international law; as defined by wikipedia.

It simply means that they check the ships whether or not the ship follows the standards of internationally accepted rules and considered safe.

One of the countries that I’ve been that strictly implements Port State Control Inspection is the United States of America, implemented by the U.S. Coast Guard. But as long as your ships meet their standards, you won’t have any problem with the inspection. You will be well informed as to the extent of the inspection and will be guided by your company, and agent at arrival US Port. You can check this link on USCG Maritime information Exchange for more information or you can simply visit their official site at .

Regional Port State Control Organizations are also established through the encouragement of the IMO and agreements on Port State Control – Memoranda of Understanding or MOUs – which are signed and covers all of the world’s oceans:

  • Europe and the north Atlantic (Paris MOU)
  • Asia and the Pacific (Tokyo MOU)
  • Latin America (Acuerdo de Viña del Mar)
  • Caribbean (Caribbean MOU)
  • West and Central Africa (Abuja MOU)
  • Black Sea region (Black Sea MOU)
  • Mediterranean (Mediterranean MOU)
  • Indian Ocean (Indian Ocean MOU)
  • Arab States of the Gulf (GCC MoU (Riyadh MoU))

To recap it all, we do benefit from Port State Control Inspection. It just needs a little bit of understanding and motivation to our officers and crew to inform them the exact role and purpose of a Port State Control Inspection. There is nothing to fear whenever a Port State Control Officer(s) boards your ship. As long as you’re doing your job correctly and according to the international regulations.

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