Do You Know Why Seafarers Marry at an Old Age?

Basically it’s a personal choice.

To list down all the choices, reasons and alibies would cost you a great deal of time and will later lead to the point of still being single.

They are often afraid of the reality that when they get married and if they are not lucky with the wife they married, sooner or later it will:

  • Go with another guy
  • Spend all their money
  • Will split the allotment of their parents and will lead to argument and breakup

This post does not intend to convince all seaman to marry early but rather gives you facts why you should marry early in case you really want to get married.

80 % of our mistakes comes from badly made decisions

Seafarers are happy go lucky person, enjoys adventure, love their parents, likes partying, loves to try new things, and enjoys the idea of being single.

There are reasons why they choose to be single. It can be a personal choice, gender problem, or afraid of commitment due to past experience.

Once you are young and at the prime of your career you tend to forget about other things important to the stages of your life.

You got stuck in the idea that you are a young seafarer (officer or rating), earning more than a thousand dollars, and investing or spending your money.

The bottom line is you have signed your self to the trap of living for yourself and not living for a purpose.

I’ve seen successful seafarers, wherein at the age of 40 and above are still single but enjoying the life of partying and one night stand.

They have a good house, nice car, a prosperous investment but intends to stay single.

If you plan to get married make sure that at the age of 35 you should have your child already.


Before he/she finished college you are already 55 then. A critical age of being a seaman if you ask my opinion.

We are hired for two factors: complete documents and medically fit.

Let us put aside skills and rank, there are a thousand of officers their that are qualified in the same rank that you are right now.

The only denominator that will separate you during the screening process is the documents you have and the medical report.

Seriously, you better start thinking about it, coz the clock never goes back, it keeps moving forward and you’re not getting any younger.

Don’t hold back, you have to make a choice

Most of the time, the parents are the big factor if the person decide to marry at an old age. They always insist to their children that life is tough and you have to invest first to your career before you plan to marry.

Considering what they have said, isn’t it that during their time they have married earlier and without any single idea how to sustain the financial needs of their family or even buy their own house.

They prevent that mistake or even to the fact that they obliged their son / daughter to stay single and encourage them to go into a live-in relationship so that their allotment will stay intact and the wife of their son will have no rights to the properties of their son.

It is a sad truth but nobody admits it is true.

Is it a personal choice?

Yes it is, and by far most seaman will not give you a definite answer why they don’t want to get married.

You will make the decision, whether it be now or later, the bottom line is that it will cross your mind and you will think of how to get marry but the answer will be distant from you.

If you really want to, and you think that the girl is worth it, then get married. Have a family and nurture them and retire early. Don’t pressure yourself too much on working till your 65 just for the education of your child.

Think about it. It’s time to make your choice,

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