Pinoy Maritime Disclaimer

Since setting up this website, Pinoy Maritime has gained popularity in its own niche. Blogging has created awareness to all readers and somehow to some extent has stirred up some unwanted comments which may result to some dissatisfied person or company.

Readers would normally post comments on the blog. This comments or regular post should not be abused and in any way offend anybody, any group, or any company.

Just to tell the public; the person who posted the comments is solely responsible for his personal post.

What this site is all about…

  • This site is all about information and sharing of ideas. This site intends to create a community that helps people regardless of gender, belief, and profession.
  • This site does not ask any money. Advertising on this site is base on an agreement between two parties (Pinoy Maritime and the Company interested to advertise).
  • This site represents only itself and not any group or individual. Any person, company, or group who are using this site or site name for their own agenda without any consent, must be reported to us (
  • The job boards on this site are used by employers according to their specific needs. The legality of their recruitment is the sole responsibility of the company posting the job needed. They reserve the right to change it without notice as necessary for them.

Its goal…

This website and the blog of this site created a community on its niche and continuously catching its attention within the international maritime community. Using the internet as a means of spreading information and valuable ideas. Thus Pinoy Maritime is bridging the gap to connect every individual, company, and group to interact harmoniously.