Diesel Pump maintenance tips

Proper care and maintenance of your diesel pump is important to keep it working in good condition. In diesel pump maintenance, keep in mind of the four essential factors. These include:

  1. Lubrication
  2. Fuel filtration
  3. Fuel protection from water
  4. Synthetic fuel avoidance


Inline pumps come with bearings, drive shaft and mechanical governors that need lubrication. This is why lubricating your diesel pump is essential for proper maintenance. It is recommended to top up your inline diesel pump’s oil once every 15 days. Distributor pumps, however, no longer need this maintenance.

Fuel filtration.

To ensure best performance and long-life of your diesel pump, proper filtration is a must. This is because the parts of the fuel injection pump are designed to be very small, usually in microns. To avoid these parts from breaking down prematurely, the diesel fuel should be filtered properly to get rid of foreign matter, which often comes in small particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

In the final fuel filtration process, the filters can reach up to 10 microns. To understand the concept of microns, it may be helpful to learn the human eye can only see particles 40 microns and up. However microns in a grain of talcum powder about at 70 while a grain of sand is about 100.

Fuel protection from water.

The following can happen when your diesel pump’s fuel gets mixed with water:

    • Dissolved water.

Water can become dissolved chemically in the fuel at a rate depending on the fuel’s temperature. This means that more water is dissolved when the fuel is warmer. If the temperature is low, on the other hand, water will escape from the solution. This condition is known as free water.

    • Free water.

Since water and oil are not miscible, water separates from the fuel and finds its way on the bottom of your pump’s fuel tanks.

    • Emulsified water.

This results to suspension of water in the fuel.

Synthetic fuel avoidance.

If using kerosene for diesel pump fuel is your idea of being cost-efficient, think again. Kerosene and other adulterated fuel can wear out the engine valves and tear other parts of your pump. In fact, it can even damage your diesel pump in as early as 3 months. Stick to diesel fuel instead.

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