All About Cargo Net

Cargo Net has long been a useful equipment onboard the ship. You can use a cargo net on almost any kind of work onboard. How about its importance?

Before we go any further let us define what a cargo net is. A Cargo Net is a large square net made of rope in which cased or packaged cargo is carried into and out of a ship’s hold. Modern shipping has changed drastically and the use of cargo net as a means of handling cargo for ships was replaced by containerized system. But there are still some smaller merchant ships that use cargo net in handling their cargo.

Apart from the ship, a cargo net has plenty of uses. I’ve listed below some of common types of cargo nets:

    • Truck Bed Cargo Net

It is often made of a durable straps attached at the back of a pickup. You can use this either to cover the items beneath it or used as a bed when camping. Since it is made of strap, it still has its added comfort once decided for use as a bed.

    • Basket Cargo Net

This cargo net is placed on the top load of your SUV Car. If you’re on a camping trip or planning to transfer, you can often see this cargo net placed above the top-load of your SUV.

    • Motorcycle Cargo Net

This cargo net is handy especially to those motorcycle enthusiasts. Picture this, if you’re going to the grocery store, transporting the goods you buy is a problem. A reliable motorcycle cargo net is the cost-effective way to strap your good on your bike.

A cargo net sling is made of nylon and straps cargo together in a criss-cross pattern that usually forms a 12 x 14 foot square net. The four sides of the nets usually have steel rings sewn in which is used for pick up hoist line or hook. This cargo net is often onboard the ship and used for picking up provisions, store supply, etc.

    • Bungee Net / Cargo Net

This cargo net is commonly bought on your nearest Wal-Mart store. It is made of an elastic rope that has hooked on its 4 ends and middle ends for easy attachment. It serves the same purpose as a regular cargo net.

These are just a few of the types of cargo net. As you can see it’s not just for ships that they use cargo net. What about the uses of cargo nets? I’ll try to list them down for you.

  1. Cargo nets are often used on playground, tree houses and fields. It is useful in climbing up tree houses and playground.
  2. Sports centers use cargo nets for their netting. A good example of these sports are:
    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Soccer games
  3. Gyms also use cargo net for training their athlete. You can find athletes climbing up and down these cargo nets as part of their routine exercise.
  4. Cargo nets are used in camping. It provides extra netting for tents or can be used in case of emergency.
  5. Cargo net can be used as a bridge. It’s handy especially when your outdoor.
  6. Cargo nets are useful during emergency. When transporting an injured person either by hoisting or carrying the person, a cargo net is a handy equipment to use in this situation.

There is no limit in using a cargo net. Either for fun or for carrying out a job, a cargo net is useful. You can add more into this by commenting or bookmarking this article. If you want to know more, subscribe to our mailing list.

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